What’s up? My name is Tivi Jones!

Tivi-Jones{Tivi rhymes with privy}

I’m a marketing and media professional based in Durham, North Carolina. I work full-time as the Director of Marketing Communications for the statewide PBS network for NC and part-time as a marketing consultant, writer and awesomeness advocate. I've worked with brands of all shapes and sizes: magazines, authors, construction companies, festivals, government agencies and adult e-commerce brands. Seriously. 😉

This is the place where I blog about marketing, books, magazines and beautiful things.

I love online businesses, digital media and, even more than that, I {Super} LOVE expressing myself and sharing what I've learned from working with BIG companies with creative folks who run small (but mighty) brands.

My style is candidly strategic and tactical, with equal parts lifestyle design and a dash of sarcastic wit. Ok, ok, more than a dash, but you'll love it.

Love, peace and coconut oil,


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