NOTE: I wrote a little something for myself today, to remind me of the power of media… and of my love for it. To all those who love media and want to do more with it (and create more of it), I hope you enjoy it too.

Sup, girl?

Welcome to 2017, Tivi. This is the year you finally realize how awesome you are. (…and it’s about damn time…)

You hold the power to create, transform, broadcast, engage, reach, influence and monetize. From anywhere. At any time. And in any format.

Audio. Video. Written words. Something new? Create it. Live it. Do it.

Imagination + creativity

10 years ago: you barely texted, but you made websites to deliver written content.

5 years ago: “going live” was limited to the big media brands, but you knew the power of leveraging video.

1 year ago: everyone with a smart phone had the power to reach the corners of the world in real time… you killed it with your clients, but you were personally afraid to try it.

Girl, you can do better...

Look at the intersection of your technology, your skills and your desires… Based on your capabilities and wherewithal, have you leveraged them to accomplish your goals?

No? Then, you lack alignment, my dear.

You can’t act in conflict with your desires and then expect the Universe to deliver them anyway. 

Nah, boo. It don’t work like that.

Naw, boo. Teachable moment.

Let me remind you: you hold the power to create, transform, broadcast, engage, reach, influence and monetize.

Look at what you can do with your iPad and your MacBook and the internet… Hell, look at what you can do with just your iPhone. Now compare that to what you could do 1 year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago…

Remember when you first logged on to “AOL Kids Only” 20 years ago?

Mind. Blown.

Remember how you came alive? You immediately wanted to leverage that technology to tell stories, share content and connect.

So do it. Fuckin’ do it already.

You don’t work for a media brand.

You ARE a media brand.

Step up, to be the greatest show on earth...

You can snap.

Go live.


‘Gram it.

Publish it. {coming soon}

Create community.


Drive revenue.

You. Are. A. Media. Brand.

Homegirl, it’s 2017. Stop waiting for permission.

Go be that brand.


{Photo credit: DDBPhotos}