Marketers have gained more clarity about what digital transformation truly entails–and their results show it, according to new study from Altimeter Group.

Just two years ago, marketers were embarking on their digital transformation journeys with the goals of increasing engagement in digital channels (75%) and looking for greater volume in web or mobile traffic (53%). While important, these engagement metrics don’t equate to digital transformation, said Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group and author of the “2016 State Of Digital Transformation.”

These days, Solis said, marketers are concerning themselves with metrics that are more aligned with their companies’ bottom line. As a result, the report found, 41% of leaders said they’ve witnessed an increase in market share due to transformation efforts, 37% cite a positive impact on employee morale, and 30% have increased revenue.

“I think we are at a point where companies recognize that you can only get so far if you continue to work in old ways and use new technology in old ways,” Solis said. “This is why you see marketing departments becoming bigger than what they were yesterday. They’re becoming more of an integrated unit across the enterprise. And now we’ll start to see groups that disparately operated in the customer journey are now collaborating in the customer journey because they have to deliver this heightened experience.”

According to the study, customer experience is a top driver of digital transformation efforts. Fifty-five percent of leaders surveyed cited “evolving customer behaviors and preferences” as a top driver of digital transformation at their companies. “Growth opportunities in new markets” was a close second, at 53%. On the other end, 19% cited “fear of disruption” as a major reason for their digital transformation efforts.

While marketers are more advanced in their digital transformation efforts, mobile is still…

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