Are you looking for royalty-free, professional photographs, vectors and illustrations?

I got dat good good for you. 😉

Just when you thought all the gift-giving was over… Happy Holidays, bitches!

Here’s my list of my tested, tried-and-true sources for free photographs, vectors and illustrations that I use on my blogs, social media accounts and email newsletters:

1. Creative Market

What I love about Creative Market is that it’s much more than just “stock art.” I’ve gotten free website templates, vector files, illustrations, photoshop templates, fonts and more. While Creative Market offers a robust selection of amazing products you can pay for, every week it has 6 free downloads you can take advantage of for your business. It’s definitely my favorite source for vectors, illustrations and specialty art beyond photography. Sign up here.

2. UnSplash

UnSplash is a nice collection of – to me – quite beautiful and soothing photography submitted by different artists. I’ve used several of their images for blog features, social media backgrounds and more. You can browse their collection.

3. Death to Stock

Besides having an interesting name, Death to Stock is probably my favorite “(un)stock photography” site. They offer paid premium subscriptions, but they also give out a bundle of free photographs every month. I have several bundles from over the years and still go back to them when I need something specific. Check em out.

4. Pexels

Pexels is a website I’ve used often this year for brands that I work with. It offers a good searchable database of professional images from different royalty free sites and their user interface makes searching and downloading images super easy. Check them out here.

5. Flickr Creative Commons

Flickr Creative Commons database is the most robust, but also the most unprofessional. I’ve used this database in past years when I was looking for a highly specific image that didn’t, necessarily, need to be professionally shot. It can sometimes be a crap-shoot, but it can also sometimes give you exactly what you need. One thing to remember, is that these are Creative Commons licensed photos. If you aren’t familiar with what that means, check the right hand column of this page for a BRIEF overview of what the different licenses mean.


If you like using gifs in your life in general, I stay on giphy on my computer, in my text keyboard, and in my slack channels. It offers a steady stream of funny, inappropriate, lovely and extremely accurate animated gifs to use in your work. Check it out and you’ll thank me later.