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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of email personalization? I bet you thought of inserting a first name into the subject line. Although this is a good strategy, there’s much more you can do with personalization.

Personalization includes an array of awesome, data-driven techniques that bring in substantial ROI. These techniques include making recommendations based on past purchases, using dynamic content to fit consumer preferences, showing an understanding of purchasing history, and taking advantage of data to promote compelling offers.

Brands are using creative and diversified email personalization methods to increase brand engagement, foster customer loyalty, and, ultimately, work to please those 75% of consumersthat are more likely to buy from a brand that personalizes messages.

Today, we’re sharing inspiring examples from 8 brands using email personalization like pros.

1. Sephora leverages VIP status

Sephora is killing it when it comes to personalization. Of course, they use personalization in the subject line, but they take it one step further by including personalization in the content of the email. It’s just one extra way to say, “Hey Allie, we care about you and your makeup preferences.”

Personalizing email copy isn’t the only thing Sephora does well. They also set up rules and triggers to send personalized offers to reward members of their loyalty program.

For example, they use “VIP status” as a trigger to send out more target offers to customers that historically purchase more online.

If the customer isn’t part of the loyalty program, or spends less than $200, then Sephora will send an email inviting them to see new skincare products.

Sephora gets an A+ when it comes to email personalization that works well in their favor.

2. Adidas segments their list based on gender

Adidas is another brand that knows how to cater to their customers. Adidas has two primary markets that differ in the types of shoes they purchase. Those primary markets? Men and women.

Rather than sending a generic email to all customers with all their shoes, Adidas segments their lists based on gender. Then, they can send an email highlighting hip, new men’s shoes to their male customers, and cute women’s shoes to their female customers.

Check it out.

As a consumer, it’s neat to know your favorite shoe brand won’t bug you with promotions that don’t interest you.

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