My name is Tivi (rhymes with privy) Jones and I’m your homegirl. My passions are: beautiful stories, beautiful things and beautiful people.

By trade, I’m a marketer. I’ve been in the marketing game since 2004 and currently serve as the Director of Marketing Communications and Engagement for a top 5 media brand in the country that serves millions of viewers.

I love the brand and community building opportunities marketing presents. And while I love working with big brands, I also love helping entrepreneurs and “solopreneurs” use effective media, awesome marketing and contagious moxie to create sustainable lifestyle businesses.

I believe that the best career is one you create for yourself and that lifestyle businesses should be the ultimate goal of any person who wants to both love what they do and do what they love.

By heart, I’m an artist. I’ve been a visual artist and writer since I could hold a crayon. I love weaving stories and experiences with art and words – probably why I was drawn to marketing as a career. I love exploring art and stories almost as much as I enjoy creating them.

Art and words have always been a rock for me. And an outlet for expressing myself, escaping an emotionally rough childhood and adolescence, pulling myself out of depression after a divorce and for reminding myself of my true purpose and the true north of my soul.

I love the intersection of media and marketing because when art and words combines to build community and brand, that’s where lifestyle design gets interesting and profitable.

This site is where I write about my passions, share great content, encourage others and connect with likeminded people.

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