I hope it isn’t anti-climatic to learn that the most effective marketing tool you have is:


No, it’s not some miracle tool or easy 3-step patented process.

Books out and books sold sell other books.

It’s a fact.

People say “Author X only sells because she has ‘New York Times Bestseller’ in front of her name. Her books aren’t REALLY that good.”

Well, you know what, darlings, Author X got the “NYTB” label from selling previous books.

So I’ll say it again.

Books out and books sold sell other books.

So what’s the secret weapon to getting more of these uber- effective marketing tools out there?

I’ll give you 4 (patent-pending) steps.

1. Write an awesome book.
2. Get it published.
3. Get reviews for said awesome book.
4. Repeat.

It is 100% guaranteed to help you sell more books.

This is the MOST important element to any marketing plan – the product.

Don’t get so wrapped up in all the branding and marketing stuff I talk about that you forget that you need a product, at least 2 products in my opinion, to brand and market.

Now, get  back to writing!

@TiviJones for @CreativityLoft

[photo “Books” by shutterhacks]