It feels good to be back in the video world.

I literally had to record this video 5 different times because of computer issues. Ugh.

But I’m back and I’m ready to go with today’s video.

I talk to a lot of people who feel like they are wasting time on social media.

I myself sometimes feel like I’m wasting time on social media.

So let’s be real for a second here, sometimes we do, in fact, waste time on social media.

We get caught up, Facebook stalk, we begin twitter article jumping, we spend 15 minutes crafting a really witty 140-character tweet only to delete it and not post it.

It happens.

But check today’s video to see how you can tell if what you’re doing on social media is actually good for your business.

Links to services I mention in the video:

Facebook Insights

Twitter Connect


Google Analytics


Tell me:

Do you currently monitor social media results?

What services do you use?

Are you interested in learning more about social media analytics services.