I want to thank everyone who participated in the Author Branding Bootcamp.

It was a blast.

I just sent out the free eBook to all my subscribers. I hope you guys enjoy it!

If you aren’t a subscriber, or didn’t take the survey in the email, I have a special request of all of you:

As you know, Creativity Loft’s goal is to help creative people create sustainable creative businesses.


My request of you is simple:
Help me make my next workshop even better.

Please provide me feedback on the Author Branding Bootcamp by filling out this short ANONYMOUS survey.

Did it suck? Tell me. But also tell me what would make it better for you next time- and don’t be a bitch about it, just because it’s anonymous.

Did you love it? Shout it from the roof tops! And send me a testimonial. Email henchman *at* creativityloft.com and include you author name and website address. I’ll link to you, if we use it online!

Head on over to my anonymous Author Branding Bootcamp Survey to tell me your thoughts.

What’s next?
Next week, I’ll return to the blog with more general advice for ALL creative businesses and brands, so keep checking back. Or miss the exposure to awesomeness.

My next class will be:


We hope to discuss business basics and dive a lot deeper into strategy, including marketing, sales and social media strategy. It’ll be aimed at ALL creative businesses and brands.

I’m still working out the details, but if there is something specific you are interested in learning more about, something you may struggle with, when it comes to running or starting your creative business, feel free to leave a comment or you can ping the content minions at henchmen (*at*) creativityloft.com.

More details coming soon.