because life and your creative business are what you make them

We’re taking a short break from our Author Branding Bootcamp today to celebrate.

No worries. The lessons will be back tomorrow, but today is a very special day for me, Tivi Jones and Creativity Loft, so I want to celebrate and I want you guys to celebrate with me.

Today is my first official day working for myself full-time and I am over the moon.

This isn’t just a part-time gig any more people. This is my career.

I took a big risk, stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I’ve always wanted to do.

Be my own boss.

I don’t expect things to be easy. I expect to be stressed and insanely busy, but I also hope to be ten times happier than before.

Life is too short NOT to spend the majority of my waking hours doing something I enjoy.

Why am I telling you this?

Not only do I want cheers, support and a whole lot of hoorah (and cake, somebody bring me cake) about my transition, I want you guys, all you lovely creative businesses out there who are working towards being your own boss, to know that it can and WILL happen for you.

Some of you may already work for yourself full-time. Congratulations!

While today is a tiny break from me beating you with branding concepts and assignments, but I don’t want you to be stagnant.

Your life and your creative business will be what you make them!

Do something today that helps you get one step closer to one big, lofty goal you’ve set for yourself.

Don’t have a big, lofty goal? Create one today.

Any brave souls want to share a big, lofty goal they have?

I’ll share mine. I have this taped above my desk:

Create a self-sustaining career that makes me happy

Big ass goal, but somebody’s gotta do it.

With this goal, I also have the goal to help each of you, who wants something similar, to achieve your goal.

While I hope you are enjoying the Author Branding Bootcamp, I’m here to announce today that soon I’ll be launching another set of classes.

I’m not sure of the exact timing, because I’m still working out the details, but the focus will be:


We hope to discuss business basics and dive a lot deeper into strategy, including marketing, sales and social media strategy. It’ll be aimed at ALL creative businesses and brands.

As I said, I’m still working out the details, but if there is something specific you are interested in learning more about, something you may struggle with, when it comes to running or starting your creative business, feel free to leave a comment or you can ping the content minions at henchmen (*at*)

More details coming soon.

Come back tomorrow for our next Author Branding Bootcamp lesson:

“don’t let your brand get stale. it leaves a bad taste in our mouths.”

This post will teach authors how to keep their brands current, but consistent. Branding is a never-ending process and you have to both keep up with the times and be ahead of the curve in some respects. Don’t miss it. We’re excited about this one!

Sign up for my blogfeed to get the lesson delivered to your mailbox. At the end of the week, subscribers will get access to a handy, dandy eBook of all the materials from the Author Branding Bootcamp, so sign up today.

DON’T FORGET: At the end of the week we’ll pick one lucky author from our visitor/subscriber pool to do a case study on. What does this mean exactly? We’ll evaluate your brand and give you branding tips, insights and a stockpile full of ideas on how to develop your brand over the next year.

Subscribe to the blogfeed or comment (be sure to leave your author website information) by the end of the day (11:59 p.m. EST) today to be considered!



  1. Oh, jealous! I have four part-time jobs. None of them require me to punch a time clock, but I do have to show up and perform. Since I teach pastry arts classes, here is your virtual cake:
    I picture something tiered with a creative wack-a-doo shape but a solid foundation. Think jester hat with a wide brim. Colors? I’ll use the ones on your site. You like those. Flavor? Anything you want, but I’m feeling chocolate dark rum espresso today.
    Congratulations! Woohooooooooo! Confetti!

  2. Congrats on your first official day working for yourself. That’s a big step, but I’m sure you can see it through. 🙂

    The only goal I have, and I tend to take baby steps, is to get my name out there, write darn good books that satisfy my readers, and hopefully in the process, make good sales. 😉

  3. I love your teaching style. You give a digestable amount of info, concise but packed with useable info.

    Congrats on finally doing what you love full-time.

    I’m right behind you–my first book will be out in April and I’m plotting book two while working with the editor on book one.

    I’m working on two genres but their commonality is ‘character-driven psychological drama.’ I’m wondering how you get editors/publishers to go along with your ‘color scheme’ when it comes to colors that are part of your branding.

    Have a great first day!

  4. Hi, Tivi. Congrats! Had my own business for 10 years, and I can tell you it beats working for someone else every way to Sunday. Have a “real” job now (marketing), and it’s great in a lot of ways (translation: I have benefits and co-workers and assignments I enjoy), but I miss being able to call my own shots. So congrats on taking the plunge!

    Now, for my question: In whatever free time I can grab from my 60-hour-per-week job, I’m finally going after my lifelong dream of writing novels. And though I do marketing all day long for other people, it’s really tough to define myself when I’m still experimenting and looking for the genre/niche where I’ll make that breakthrough. Do you have any advice to offer to those of us who aren’t published yet and so are casting around for the niche where we will finally break through. How do we brand ourselves when we’re still in that malleable stage?

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