Last Wednesday was the launch for my Best-Seller Author Brand Bootcamp. If you’re still interested, you can still register with the pay-what-you-can-pricing until the end of the day today ONLY.

Wednesday was the day, that –about 4 hours before I’m scheduled to launch my class — I get a call from a client that needs help at the same time that I realize, my lesson files don’t want to upload to my storage site and my video files are taking (literally) FOREVER to convert to the right format.


I’ve been working like a BEAST on this class.

I’ve been drinking Venti Lattes with 4 shots of espresso (as opposed to my regular Grande Iced Coffee, or rosemary and mint tea)

But I didn’t take into account that, no matter how hard I work to put together this content — the systems I use to present the content may not cooperate with me.

“Give yourself a minute to freak out, then take a deep breath…then act.”

That’s not a concept I just put on my blog to inspire random readers. No, ask my writers Qwillia Rain and Lori Hayes they witnessed it first hand last week, when I learned that I’ll be teaching two classes at an upcoming writer’s conference.

I write about freak outs and fear often, not because I’m somehow immune to them, no but because they happen to me quite often.

The more I step outside of my comfort zone, the more freak outs and fear I have.

But the more I step outside my comfort zone, the more amazing opportunities and experiences I will have.

Fearlessness is work.

It’s a journey, not a destination.

Or it’s a destination that you keep getting really close to, but never actually reach.

It’s a journey full of blood, sweat and tears – of sorrow and of joy.

It’s a risk.

I don’t want a life that’s average.

I’d rather have a life full of joy and sorrow rather than one of indifference. (click here to tweet that.)

Bring on the freak outs.

I’ll just take a deep breath and keep moving.

@TiviJones for @CreativityLoft