I don’t have much to say before diving right into this one, because I’m going to let these bomb-ass holiday cards speak for themselves. But first, as a media professional, I want to re-emphasize the power of media and of creating memorable experiences for your audience.

Your lame ass templated holiday card that you ordered at the last minute from “BadStockArtCards.com” won’t do the trick.

I have more to say but I’ll let these holiday greeting speak for themselves.

“Dear Satan” From Anomaly:

And of course I had to feature VaynerMedia… because I luurve Gary V. and all the amazing work they are doing.

VaynerMedia clients will meet Vee in the form of a personalized holiday greeting card included with a customized Amazon Echo Dot that comes preloaded with a new Alexa skill called Vayner. Vayner is an interactive skill featuring weekly updates on the digital voice industry, including platform news and discussion of recent trends in the marketplace. Say “Enable Vayner skill” to try it out. See the unboxing of the gift below.

And could you just look at what 215 McCann did for their holiday gift?

This agency is sending out cookies in the shape of the agency team. Line drawings of 215 McCann employees were turned into 3D printed cookie cutters, and then used to bake face-shaped cookies. Recipients also receive a link to a video, shot in stop motion, that playfully illustrates an almost magical baking process, one that transforms a lump of flour into the face of agency CCO Scott Duchon. Each recipient receives a tin that holds 32 cookies (four stacks of eight) that feature the faces of those 215 McCann staffers they’re most familiar with. It all sums up the agency mantra: “Truth Well Told. Cookies Well Baked.​”

Watch the video of the process here: Happy Holiday from 215 McCann.

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