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“You laugh too loud.”

So you bring your hand to your mouth to muffle the sound.

“Your nose is too big.”

So you learn makeup tricks, daydream about someone else’s face, and dodge profile pictures.

“Your voice is too high.”

So you stop speaking up.“Believing in that is stupid.”

So you put away your magic wand and doubt your intuition.

“Your chest is too small.”

So you wear padding or cover yourself in layers.

“You’re a know it all.”

So you bite your tongue and refrain from raising your hand.

For many years you’ve been hiding. Some part of yourself has been labeled or made fun of or criticized. And you responded by covering up, tucking away, and hiding parts of who you are.

It makes sense. We all want to be normal, liked, and accepted. And when we are young, we want this more than we want to be separate. We are socially taught to blend in, fit in, be cool, be like everyone else. And over time, like the yellow words on an old recipe card, the essence of you begins to fade. We believe the LIE that we are TOO much of something and we begin to hide our uniqueness.

Your divine light gets covered by a residue of shame that whispers… “If you really knew who I was, what I thought, and what I do, you wouldn’t really like me. You would know I’m not good enough.”

And to escape the rejection, we hide ourselves in plain sight. We play small. We hide behind other people. We try to be like “someone” who has what we want. (If only I could write like her… then I would…) We think we aren’t ready, aren’t enough, or aren’t deserving of real success, love, recognition. We want to make a difference, but we are scared of stepping into it. Like Rapunzel, our deepest desire is that someone will find us, save us from our banished tower, and accept us (and our freakishly long hair). But we can’t wait for someone else (no matter how charming they are).

The acceptance we seek begins in our own heart.

Stop hiding. Reveal who you are. All that muffled, dodging, silencing, closeted beauty is costing you so much precious energy, time, and authentic living. It’s not true what you’ve been told. You’re beautiful.

Here are some questions to ponder: …

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Children's Books, Inspiration and How To Eat Chocolate Without Gaining Weight: Guest Blog by Author Lisa Morgan

Stop talking about it and do it

Lisa Morgan and I became FAST, and I do mean fast, friends after one evening in late 2011 at our friendly neighborhood Starbucks when we met with the intention of working with a group of mutual friends and ended up laughing and cutting up instead.

I’m drawn to people with crazy positive, fun, humorous and productive energies. Lisa is that and so much more.

Today Lisa talks about her new career, writing uplifting books for children AND — wait for it — how to eat chocolate without gaining weight.



Lisa MorganQ: What do you do?

A: I write uplifting children’s stories, bringing the love of horses to life. This series explores many facets of emotions surrounding growing up, best friends, and the comfort that horses provide. The age range is 9 and up, with the idea that kids can grow with the books.

Q: How do you conquer fear?

A: I had an amazing, life-changing event happen (more…)

Long Awaited Novembers: Guest Blog from Urban Fantasy Author J. D. Robinson

Today’s guest post is from the amazing and super lovely J. D. Robinson.

J.D. is an urban fantasy author who is sweet, fun and has the most amazing skin I’ve ever seen. I mean, really!! But I digress…

Today she stopped by to talk about this special month of November.

Why is November so special? Words are in the air…


November is a special time of year for me. Fall is in full swing and the leaves have all turned, creating a beautiful scene anytime I step out of my house. The month is full of (more…)

Work/Life Balance Lessons from Photographer Holly Gardner

Today’s guest post is from photographer Holly Gardner.

Holly and I both are alums of the amazing Making Things Happen Intensive and we met via Facebook.

Today Holly serves up some serious lessons on work/life balance.

Take note. They are goooooood.

Holly Gardner - on TiviJones.comI will not pretend that I have it all figured out. However, looking back at my journey thus far I can clearly see where I have stumbled and point out some of the thoughts I’ve allowed myself to believe – some true, many not. Maybe some of these sound familiar…

“You can do it all.”

Sure you can- if you’re a superhero. But let’s get real here (more…)

Paranormal Author Andris Bear Talks About Inspiration and Her New Book Angel Unborn!

I had the honor of meeting sexy paranormal romance author Andris Bear a few years ago.

Yes, I do mean she is sexy and has a paranormal ability to find the coolest things to tweet about everyday – follow her at @AndrisBear.

Andris is a spitfire, mom, author and fellow Moning-maniac (Just bought ICED today BTW) who I’d mug for her cheekbones.

Today Andris talks about her superwoman abilities (and costume), how sleep helps her creativity (which I COMPLETELY agree with – Andris, stop giving away secret weapons) and finding inspiration.

Hit it, doll!


Andris BearQ: What do you do?

A: Well, my personal take on what I do is that I’m Superwoman, but the hubs gets real twitchy when I wear my cape and tights out and about. So I guess I’ll go with (more…)

Time Management 101 Guest Blog from Author Elijana Kindel

Today’s guest post comes from Indie Romance Author Elijana Kindel.

If you don’t know Elijana, you should. She’s a woman I consider to be a personal kick-in-the-pants life coach and friend.

She’s super dope. And hilarious!

Today Elijana hits on a topic that I need to hear right now – TIME MANAGEMENT.

She also touches on learning styles, a topic she and Author Qwillia Rain have been schooling me in. It’s a good intro to a topic that will blow your mind!

Hit it, Elijana!


I don’t have much time. Okay, that’s not exactly true. Every day I have the same 24 hours that everyone else has it’s just that I have a boat load of to-do items that MUST get done. Each day. Every day. Between being a single mom, worker bee at the day job, grad student, writer, blogger, tweeter, house cleaner, laundry aficionado, litter box cleaner-out’er, trash taker-out’er, lawn mower… argh, there’s always just so much to do!

But I get it done—oh yeah, it sucks and I don’t have much time for me, but when it’s important you find (more…)