December 25…wait, that sounds like an important date

Merry Christmas, folks!

If you’re like me — self-employed with your head shoved way up in the pile of what seems like never-ending work — you may forget that holidays do occur quite regularly.

There has been a time or two (or five) this year that I’ve scheduled a reoccurring meeting on a holiday, because I wasn’t paying attention.

I didn’t do that this Christmas, because I’ve been secretly (more…)

Children's Books, Inspiration and How To Eat Chocolate Without Gaining Weight: Guest Blog by Author Lisa Morgan

Stop talking about it and do it

Lisa Morgan and I became FAST, and I do mean fast, friends after one evening in late 2011 at our friendly neighborhood Starbucks when we met with the intention of working with a group of mutual friends and ended up laughing and cutting up instead.

I’m drawn to people with crazy positive, fun, humorous and productive energies. Lisa is that and so much more.

Today Lisa talks about her new career, writing uplifting books for children AND — wait for it — how to eat chocolate without gaining weight.



Lisa MorganQ: What do you do?

A: I write uplifting children’s stories, bringing the love of horses to life. This series explores many facets of emotions surrounding growing up, best friends, and the comfort that horses provide. The age range is 9 and up, with the idea that kids can grow with the books.

Q: How do you conquer fear?

A: I had an amazing, life-changing event happen (more…)

Long Awaited Novembers: Guest Blog from Urban Fantasy Author J. D. Robinson

Today’s guest post is from the amazing and super lovely J. D. Robinson.

J.D. is an urban fantasy author who is sweet, fun and has the most amazing skin I’ve ever seen. I mean, really!! But I digress…

Today she stopped by to talk about this special month of November.

Why is November so special? Words are in the air…


November is a special time of year for me. Fall is in full swing and the leaves have all turned, creating a beautiful scene anytime I step out of my house. The month is full of (more…)

Paranormal Author Andris Bear Talks About Inspiration and Her New Book Angel Unborn!

I had the honor of meeting sexy paranormal romance author Andris Bear a few years ago.

Yes, I do mean she is sexy and has a paranormal ability to find the coolest things to tweet about everyday – follow her at @AndrisBear.

Andris is a spitfire, mom, author and fellow Moning-maniac (Just bought ICED today BTW) who I’d mug for her cheekbones.

Today Andris talks about her superwoman abilities (and costume), how sleep helps her creativity (which I COMPLETELY agree with – Andris, stop giving away secret weapons) and finding inspiration.

Hit it, doll!


Andris BearQ: What do you do?

A: Well, my personal take on what I do is that I’m Superwoman, but the hubs gets real twitchy when I wear my cape and tights out and about. So I guess I’ll go with (more…)

free classes on author branding!

We’re planning something fun here at Creativity Loft and I have to share it with you.

We’re scheduling an Author Branding Bootcamp soon! I’ve rounded up a batch of content minions to help create an awesome bunch of materials to teach authors all about this mess they call branding.

It’ll have great, albeit irreverent and snarky, content, free worksheets to download, lots of links to excellent sources on author branding and more!

And it’ll be running HERE, yes, HERE, on the Creativity Loft blog. Free to all visitors.

*wild cheers and applause* (more…)

why creative brands should sleep with the ‘enemy’

I’m always curious to hear if authors read within their chosen genre. Or if professional chefs enjoy eating out. Or if publishers enjoy books or magazines from another house.

You’d be surprised at the responses I get. They range from utter disgust at the fact that I would even ask if they indulge in or support the *spit* competition, to shrugs and easy-going why-nots or of-courses, to aggressive hell-yeah-I-have-to-keep-track-of-thems.

My opinion is a combination of all of these ideals, but I’ll sum it up by saying just this:

Sleep with the (perceived) enemy. (more…)