You are what you eat

You are what you eat

If you’re an author, how much do you read about craft or attend workshops or develop your brand?

If you’re a publisher, how much do you read about your industry?

Do you network with your peers? Seek advice?

I published a post several years ago called “why creative brands should sleep with the ‘enemy'” (I may publish it again, if I can find the original, but my site was hacked again this year, so I lost all my published posts) and for some reason that idea was on my mind this morning.

Specifically the idea of: “You are what you eat.”

Maybe I was being hard on myself because I HAVEN’T been devouring much of my own industry lately and I really need to.

My personal life and work life have been going through a lot of changes lately and I really need a vacation – but that’s no excuse for NOT keeping up with my industry.

And no matter what you are going through, you can’t afford to NOT devour more about your industry and your craft.

You WILL get left behind if you don’t.

Find ways to make this a part of your everyday routine.

This is why I encourage people to do what they love, because then keeping up with your industry won’t feel like work.

Subscribe to newsletters or blog feeds for people or companies your industry.

Attend workshops.

Do research.

Download podcasts.

Actively work at developing a new skill.

Connect with your peers.


Do it.

It’ll make you stronger in your niche.


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How Complaints Can Lead to Success in Life & Business

How Complaints Can Lead to Success in Life & Business

I was never a fan of complaining.

I always thought that instead of B&Ming, we could be working to improve the situation we are complaining about.

My view on complaining could be captured perfectly by the following quote. I can’t remember who said it (possibly Lara Casey), so I’m paraphrasing:

“Every complaint you have is a request that you haven’t made.”

But I now see the value in a little bit of healthy complaining.

A nice, healthy B&Ming session can help you: (more…)

How to be happier at work

How to be happier at work

Hi Spirit Junkies!

We spend most of our life at work. Hours and hours go by in an office as we deal with difficult coworkers, demanding clients and annoying (or possibly toxic) office politics. Even if you love your job, work can feel overwhelming at times. I want to address this issue head-on. If we’re going to put so much time into something, it should be fun! When we’re happier at work, we become happier in every area of life.

If you’re struggling with some aspect of your job or simply seeking a fresh perspective on work, then check out this video! In this new Dear Gabby video, I share 3 foolproof tips for how to be happier at work.

Read the original: how to be happier at work by the fabulous Gabby Bernstein

Not Waiting for Validation to Be Valid

Not Waiting for Validation to Be Valid

LeeAnn Chisolm writes:

As a creator and even in my everyday life, vulnerability has been something I’ve found myself struggling with lately. I want so desperately to give of myself freely and unabashedly to the world, but putting my guard down to do that can sometimes be overwhelming, if not terrifying. To me, it means opening up my whole self for judgement, for ridicule, for someone else to view me the way I often times have viewed myself—which hasn’t always been the most flattering. Sometimes, I even fear praise. Your added attention just reminds me that I am naked and exposed. Luckily, I am now journeying back to myself. I am learning that vulnerability is not about opening ourselves up to judgement, but to possibility.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the unparalleled opportunity to witness this truth first hand. My love, MaestroRiko a musician and performing artist, set out on a trip across the country to spread Free Hugs in hopes of bringing his musical manifesto to life. It was a bold and genuine opportunity to connect to people. I traveled with him from Atlanta, to Ontario, to Oakland, filming and experiencing it all. We’d head out every morning into the heart of each city where he would stand for hours with a simple, handwritten cardboard sign that read: “Free Hugs.” It was an invitation for others to come outside of themselves—their busy lives, their phones and tablets—and just be present for love. The most beautiful part of watching Riko open his arms and his heart for others, was watching what manifested from it. People were full of so much joy, when they accepted a hug. Even those who were watching, like myself, couldn’t help but be warmed by the beautiful display of God. That is vulnerability. Here is a man, who is not perfect, who’s battled with depression, who’s actively rejecting his own fears daring to be an emblem of love and light.

You don’t have to stand on a street corner to express your truth and your gifts, but you do have to express them. We are pure potential, but in order to experience that, we have to…

Discover more @ Not Waiting for Validation to Be Valid via Black Girl In Om

A Note from the Universe

A Note from the Universe

This beauty was in my inbox this morning from

Warming planet – check.

Species on the brink of extinction – check.

Ice caps melting – check.

Economies unpredictable – check.

Tivi Jones “in the house” – the one and only.

Grab a seat. We’re about to witness the most exciting comeback in history.

How do you always get these leading roles?
~The Universe

Replace my name for yours and know that you are valued, you are powerful and we all have great, meaningful and impactful work to do.

How To Stay Motivated — Even When Hard Work Isn’t Paying Off

How To Stay Motivated — Even When Hard Work Isn’t Paying Off

Do you ever feel like all your hard work is getting you exactly… nowhere?

It can feel frustrating when you’re following all the steps to success: staying focused, dedicated and persistent. But still, after all your effort — you’ve got nothing to show for it. No big wins. No lasting results.

We’ve all had moments when it seems like our hard work isn’t paying off, haven’t we?

I definitely have. That’s why I was intrigued when Chris wrote in about his dilemma. He said that no matter what he’s pouring his effort into  — work, relationships or studies — nothing seems to be paying off. No matter how hard he works, it never feels like it’s enough

He desperately wants to feel motivated, fulfilled and like his life has meaning. But the truth is — he’s massively disappointed in his lack of results.

So what’s the secret to making our efforts count? How do we stay genuinely motivated, especially when it doesn’t look like we’re making any progress?

In this episode, you’ll learn a simple trick that seems counterintuitive but can quickly help you reignite your natural motivation and get better results instead of feeling like you’re constantly hitting a brick wall. Best part? There’s science to back up this smart strategy.

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