Emotions around decluttering

Emotions around decluttering

I haven’t protected myself from something that has the power to consume me.


More than physical. It’s mental, it’s emotional, it’s spiritual.

Clutter. Clouding my space, my mind and my intuition.

Paper clutter.

Stuff clutter.

People clutter.

Word clutter.

Financial clutter.

Too much and so much that I can’t think clearly.

I exist in a constant state of anxiety because I can’t hear, see, feel what is true.

Or maybe I can…

Maybe I cling to the clutter, because it’s a excuse not to listen. #realtalk It’s an excuse to keep certain people in my life. It’s an excuse to not make the decision I know I should make. It’s an excuse not to do the easy/tough work of trusting myself above all others. It’s a excuse to settle. To play small.

…Fucking clutter.

I want to blame it. As if “it” is a thing beyond my control. But I created this monster. I am its master.

I allowed the papers to pile up.

I allowed the stuff to accumulate.

I allowed those people admittance into my universe.

I allowed the noise versus choosing the music (or blissful silence).

I allowed the spending.

I created this entity, day by day, month by month, then year by year.

And now I want to dismantle it all.

Set it on fire, drop the mic, ride out and don’t return until it’s all ashes.

Declutter with Viking brutality and deathly finality.

Declutter unapologetically and blissfully.

Declutter to remove these hidden weights and burdens.

Declutter so I have room to breathe, stretch, fly and soar.

Declutter so I have no excuse.

Declutter to hear and listen to my inner voice.


And yet, a part of me is irrationally afraid to declutter in the way I’m feeling draw to do.

“What if I need that thing later?”

“What if I hurt her feelings?”

“What if I regret it?”

What if, what if, what if…

Reasons, excuses, bullshit.

Just get it done. What’s on the other side, has to be better than this.

You ARE a media brand – my 2017 manifesto

You ARE a media brand – my 2017 manifesto

NOTE: I wrote a little something for myself today, to remind me of the power of media… and of my love for it. To all those who love media and want to do more with it (and create more of it), I hope you enjoy it too.

Sup, girl?

Welcome to 2017, Tivi. This is the year you finally realize how awesome you are. (…and it’s about damn time…)

You hold the power to create, transform, broadcast, engage, reach, influence and monetize. From anywhere. At any time. And in any format.

Audio. Video. Written words. Something new? Create it. Live it. Do it.

Imagination + creativity

10 years ago: you barely texted, but you made websites to deliver written content.

5 years ago: “going live” was limited to the big media brands, but you knew the power of leveraging video.

1 year ago: everyone with a smart phone had the power to reach the corners of the world in real time… you killed it with your clients, but you were personally afraid to try it.

Girl, you can do better...

Look at the intersection of your technology, your skills and your desires… Based on your capabilities and wherewithal, have you leveraged them to accomplish your goals?

No? Then, you lack alignment, my dear.

You can’t act in conflict with your desires and then expect the Universe to deliver them anyway. 

Nah, boo. It don’t work like that.

Naw, boo. Teachable moment.

Let me remind you: you hold the power to create, transform, broadcast, engage, reach, influence and monetize.

Look at what you can do with your iPad and your MacBook and the internet… Hell, look at what you can do with just your iPhone. Now compare that to what you could do 1 year ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago…

Remember when you first logged on to “AOL Kids Only” 20 years ago?

Mind. Blown.

Remember how you came alive? You immediately wanted to leverage that technology to tell stories, share content and connect.

So do it. Fuckin’ do it already.

You don’t work for a media brand.

You ARE a media brand.

Step up, to be the greatest show on earth...

You can snap.

Go live.


‘Gram it.

Publish it. {coming soon}

Create community.


Drive revenue.

You. Are. A. Media. Brand.

Homegirl, it’s 2017. Stop waiting for permission.

Go be that brand.


{Photo credit: DDBPhotos}

I Suck at Meditation, A Lesson for Life

I Suck at Meditation, A Lesson for Life

I reeeeeally want to be good at meditation.

Seriously, like zen-out-super-chill-floating-on-a-cloud good at meditation.

The full story is that, I have a good intuition (although I don’t always listen to it), but I know it could be better if I took more time to quiet my mind.

I’ve had friends, mentors and even psychics tell me: You need to meditate…

…and then each touts the benefits I could personally experience if I made meditation a practice.

And then I try meditation, which results in me either:

  • making to-do list in my head
  • feeling anxiety about not working
  • having a wandering mind and then beating myself up about having a wandering mind
  • falling asleep

What happens then is that I’ll stop even trying to meditate, because I “suck at it.”

I haven’t figured out if I’m quitting because I have an unrealistic expectation of what beginners meditation would be or if I’m quitting because I don’t like to fail and I fail at meditation every time.

Perhaps a little bit of both.

But this morning, something strange happened. I attempted meditation and it was an extremely successful experience.

But I was successful because I went in thinking: I have no expectations for this other than to sit here for 10 minutes and if I make to-do lists or have a wandering mind, that’s ok because it’s not a failure unless I don’t learn from it.

It’s so funny how this experience has taught be so much about my life in general. Specifically:

  1. Fear of failure shouldn’t keep you from trying
  2. You either “succeed” or you learn, but in either case you win
  3. Focus on the joy of the journey not the expectation of the finish line, or else you might get frustrated and quit

Here’s to failing fast and consistent tries.



Do you actually know what chitlins are?!

Me. Going in on a turkey leg. At Chitlin' Dinner 2011.

Me. Going in on a turkey leg. At Chitlin’ Dinner 2011.

So by now, y’all know I’m from the South.

My cousin. She enjoyed the chitlins as well. I don't think she knows what intestines are yet. (2011)

My cousin. She enjoyed the chitlins as well. I don’t think she knows what intestines are yet. (2011)

My family has a Christmas tradition, that consists of the following:

  1. Chitlin dinner hosted at my aunt’s house on Christmas Eve (if you don’t know what chitlins are, I promise, there’s an explanation below)
  2. Half of the family complaining about the smell the whole time they are at dinner
  3. Half of the family eating heartily of the cholesterol-laden foods (I’m in this category)
  4. Everyone goes home and puts any clothes they were wearing immediately in the washer or, if they’ve traveled, into a plastic bag before they put them in their suitcases.

Chitlins, as my family calls them, are actually pronounced “chitterlings” and they are (more…)