Expectation of Success – Guest Blog From Author Qwillia Rain

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown

{ Quote: “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

– Les Brown – Pin this on Pinterest. }

I’m so blessed to have so many crazy-smart friends, especially ones who will guest blog for me.

The fabulous Qwillia Rain writes erotic romance with BDSM elements.

Steamy stuff that provides plenty of ideas for the boudoir. *exaggerated eyebrow wiggle*

In today’s blog post, Qwillia discusses the expectation of success. Share your own expectations of success below.



Author Qwillia RainI am a writer.

What I write doesn’t necessarily matter. Or does it?

Why I write isn’t important. Or is it?

Ask any number of writers and you’ll hear every reason under the sun as to why they write and what they write, but only a few approach their writing from a business perspective. That number is on the rise with the advent of digital self-publishing. If a writer approaches her writing from a business perspective all the little details begin to add up.

How she deals with that pile of details determines how interested in success she is.

Sounds whacked, huh? Nobody sets out (more…)

Six Socially Unacceptable Ways to be Successful from The Pintester Sonja Foust

Protect Your Dream Pintester Sonja Foust

I’m continuing my guest post series with an awesome post from a gal I adore!

I met Sonja Foust several years ago and I instantly knew two things:

1. I adored her personality.

2. I wanted her wardrobe.

Sonja is an author, experienced blogger and the brains, beauty and fuck-up master behind The Pintester, the uber popular blog that generates more than 1 million pageviews per MONTH and more than 75,000 UNIQUE website visitors per week.

With a tagline like “Fucking up Pinterest pins so you don’t have to” The Pintester is a testament to how doing business YOUR way, with authenticity and personality, can pay off.

This chick is fire, spunk and just enough profanity to rekindle my not-so-secret love of the f-word.

In today’s blog post, Sonja outline six “socially unacceptable” ways to be successful in life and business.



Sonja Foust Pintester Business AdviceHi, I’m Sonja Foust, an author and the blogger behind Pintester.com. I’ve had lots of people ask me how I got successful so quickly. The short answer is me laughing in the questioner’s face, because I’ve been blogging in some form since 2001, and there’s nothing quick about that. But here’s the long answer. And I have to warn you, it’s not all that socially acceptable to do some of these things. (more…)

Do you have a message?

Focus on Your potential instead of your limitations | Tivi Jones

I’m over on the Scoutie Girl blog today discussing how the Cosby Show Lied to me, so the guest blogging goodness on my site continues today.

If you missed my previous guest blogs, I’ve had award-winning author Katharine Ashe and kickass event planner Joye Speight.

Today’s guest post is from a former client I adore, Mary Caelsto, the Muse Charmer.

In this blog, she helps writers hone in our their message. It’s a good lesson for any business owner, if you ask me.

Hit it, Mary!


Fiction writers, do you have a message?

By Mary Caelsto (The Muse Charmer)

I recently completed a telesummit which I thought was skewed pretty strongly toward nonfiction writer. One of the big takeaway messages was finding (more…)

Why every business needs a communications plan + FREE event!

Love the Inbox Email Marketing Strategy class Tivi Jones

I love to plan and strategize.

Seriously, love it.

Sometimes I’m so busy planning and strategizing for my clients, that I neglect my own business in a way.

Just ask Event Planner Joye Speight, who wrote a fabulous guest blog post for my site recently. I often throw out plans, ideas and strategies in a consulting session and then say “Well eff, I need to write this down for myself.”

Not anymore, people.

I have to look out for number one, as *spoiler alert* (more…)

Event Planner Joye Speight shows you how to keep the faith and kick butt!

Hiya folks!

While I gear up for my Love the Inbox Email Marketing Class that starts on Monday (yay!), I’m sharing wisdom, wit and general loveliness from business owners and lifestyle designers I adore!

If you missed last week’s guest post from award-winning author Katharine Ashe, make sure you check it out.

Today’s guest post is from Event Planner Joye Speight of Virtue Events.

In this Q&A, she shares a few cool upcoming projects, how she conquers fear and the role faith plays in her creativity!

Welcome, Joye!


Joye Speight of Virtue Events | Photo by Reflections by Cathy ForemanQ: What do you do?

I’m an event planner, designer, and certified meeting professional. I specialize in creating event strategies for corporate meetings, special events and weddings.

{photo by Reflections by Cathy Foreman}

Q: How do you conquer fear?

Breathe deep and dig my heels in.

I’m told that I’m not the fearful type, but the reality is that we all experience fear in some capacity. I choose to address my fear head on by educating myself first on the best way to overcome my dilemma and then by acting on it.

The two quotes that I keep in mind when fear arises are: (more…)

Author Katharine Ashe shares how she conquers fear and taps into creativity

Today’s blog post is a guest post from award-winning author Katharine Ashe.

In this Q&A, she shares how she conquers fear, taps into creativity and loves deeply!


Katharine Ashe Guest Blog with Tivi JonesWhat do you do?

I am a full-time, award-winning author of historical romance for HarperCollins Publishers and a part-time professor of History at Duke University.

How do you conquer fear?

By meeting it head on.

I have a very hard time with indecision and inaction. When I see a problem I want to solve it—NOW. I consider fear a problem. It paralyzes me, and that’s just not okay.

This may sound clichéd, but (more…)