Stop talking about it and do it

Lisa Morgan and I became FAST, and I do mean fast, friends after one evening in late 2011 at our friendly neighborhood Starbucks when we met with the intention of working with a group of mutual friends and ended up laughing and cutting up instead.

I’m drawn to people with crazy positive, fun, humorous and productive energies. Lisa is that and so much more.

Today Lisa talks about her new career, writing uplifting books for children AND — wait for it — how to eat chocolate without gaining weight.



Lisa MorganQ: What do you do?

A: I write uplifting children’s stories, bringing the love of horses to life. This series explores many facets of emotions surrounding growing up, best friends, and the comfort that horses provide. The age range is 9 and up, with the idea that kids can grow with the books.

Q: How do you conquer fear?

A: I had an amazing, life-changing event happen recently, which has given me the drive to go after what I want–to write full time. Two weeks after I bought my house, I was laid off from work.

That felt like the end of the world, life’s black moment, but it was actually a blessing.
While fear likes to haunt me at night, especially during rough times, I know I am destined to be a writer. It is a plan in the making by something larger than me.

So when I feel fear, I breathe in life, and breath out fear. I am thankful for my savings, and I try to appreciate the abundance around me. When I feel fear, I sit in front of my keyboard and write, once in a while glancing out my Dutch doors to soak up the ambiance of the trees surrounding me. Nature, animals, and kids have a way of easing fear. I indulge in a lot of views, and in a lot of hugs.

Q: What’s your no-fail recipe for tapping into creativity?

A: I find creativity when I’m engaging in one of my passions. That might be reading, horseback riding, spending time with family, or island hopping on one of the barrier islands at the coast. When I allow myself to enjoy my passion, it opens the door to creativity.

Q: Who inspires you to do what you do? Who encourages you?:

A: I give my mom credit for being the one who launched my writing career. She has written for years and I always had her as a role model. We also like to read, passing books back and forth, and she liked to analyze the plot and why she liked or didn’t like the story. I listened and took mental notes. One day I tossed a book onto the bed and thought, “I can write better than this.” To my surprise, writing was a lot harder than I ever imagined.

I bought how-to books on writing, more how-to books, and then more. I’ve lost the ability to just read a book without studying my mentors’ works.

I would say writing has changed my life because now I can breathe life into the characters I create. Through my stories, I can live any lifestyle I wish, indulge in chocolate without gaining weight, and embark on many different career choices, all through the lens of my imaginary friends.

Q: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

A: My grandfather once told me:

“Stop talking about it, and do it.”

He was talking about another creative venture I wanted to try, but the advice is the same. Whenever I have doubt, I remember his powerful words.

The Christmas Horse Lisa MorganQ: Any current or upcoming projects or releases people should know about?

A: The first book in The Horse Club series, THE CHRISTMAS HORSE, will be out soon. There is magic at Christmas time, but when it’s combined with the dream of a little girl who is sadly outgrowing her pony and needs a larger one, she has to hope that the miracles of the season actually exist.


Lisa, thanks for stopping by! I look forward to the release of your new book!

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