Merry Christmas, folks!

If you’re like me — self-employed with your head shoved way up in the pile of what seems like never-ending work — you may forget that holidays do occur quite regularly.

There has been a time or two (or five) this year that I’ve scheduled a reoccurring meeting on a holiday, because I wasn’t paying attention.

I didn’t do that this Christmas, because I’ve been secretly dreading it.

This Christmas is a very lean one for me. No presents for anyone, but my parents – and those are VERY small presents – the results of very lean work in Q3 and Q4 for me.

A part of me feels sad and the other part feels resigned because I know there’s an ebb and flow to life and money. I’ve been VERY fortunate in past years, so I accept and acknowledge that 2012 was about ebb. I fully intend to make 2013 about flow.

But I’m not here to be Scrouge McDuck about the holidays and gift-giving.

Who says I don't have Christmas Spirit?!

Who says I don’t have Christmas Spirit?!

Today I want to talk about work/life balance.

As in, get some…if you need it.

Recently I posted on Scoutie Girl about my fear of creative burnout. If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

Despite my “to work all the time” or “to not work all the time” musings, I think this question is, really, can you TRULY work all the time?

True story. I used to admire people who operate with a single-minded focus towards a goal.

I always thought they were better than me because they didn’t need to ever “turn it off” and do something else.

I used to wish I could have that type of focus.

I don’t wish that now.

I am who I am. Formed from a Tivi-mold, peeps.

And I need work/life balance, not for fear of creative burnout, but because, damnit, I like to turn it off.

I like to refresh my mental grid.

I like to experience life, soak in the journey and then dive back in equipped with new information and experiences to make my work richer.

Not everyone wants or needs this, but I do.

Knowing yourself, your desires, your way of working and your needs is the first step to discovering the type of work/life balance you need.

Don’t do the norm. Do you.

Don’t do what your business mentors do. Do you.

Figure out what works for you and I promise it’ll lead to extraordinary results.


Wishing you and yours a merry, merry Christmas full of love, laughter, good company and great food.

Take time to enjoy something lovely today…even if it is just work!