I recently took a trip to Orlando with girlfriends.

It was a blast revisiting a city I lived in for 5 glorious months of my life and doing it with some AMAZING women. I mean these girls inspire me with their drive, their humor, their passion and their love and support of me- even when I’m severely PMSing.

Something during that trip scared me EVERY day!

From the plane rides — everyone around me knows I HATE flying, with a passion –seriously, I cry on planes…

…to being tricked into getting on a roller coaster –Thanks a lot, ladies. You gals KNOW I don’t like roller coasters…

…to learning to unapologetically take a day off and just have fun — still haven’t quite mastered that. “Dolce far niente” still escapes my grasp!

Even with all those scary-as-hell moments. It was a trip I’ll always remember!

“Do one thing  a day that scares you.”

It’s something I keep hearing over and over again and I’m a firm believer in the “everything happens for a reason” principle.

So I finally listened to all the little nagging voices.

I thank my friends for forcing me on a mini-vacation, and on a plane and, even (wait for it), on that rollercoaster. Because once I did it. It wasn’t so scary anymore.

I want to do more things in life that scare me.

I’ve been wanting to relaunch my business for a while now, so (look around) I finally did it.

Creativity Loft isn’t just a blog anymore. It’s an agency for small business and lifestyle design, with lots of goodies coming soon! And I’m doing it MY way.

It scares the shit out of me to say that. But there it is.

I’m embracing the notion and I hope you do too.

To kick things off, I’m issuing a challenge.

Originally, I told myself to start it in July. But why? There are plenty of perfectly good days before then that you could be using to do more things that scare you.

I’m not talking roller coasters and phobias here, people, but those are great too.

I’m asking for 1 day of maximum output.

1 day where you take your life and do something great with it.

1 day where you take a stand to design what you want from life.

Just 1 day.

Then I want you to take that 1 day and do it again, and again, and again, until you reach 30 days.

Then I want you to look and see what you accomplished.


I’m hoping you’ll join the challenge.

Visit the Small Business & Lifestyle Design resources section of the site for videos inspiration and more! I’ve just started rebuilding my content, so check back often for updates!

Now go off and get scared!