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Today I’m guest blogging at CJ Lyon’s Marketing with Heart. Second part of my “relationship building for creative people” posts. Check it out.

It’s all about relationships, which reminds me:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is your day!

Not your day to get presents or jewelry or whatever, but your day to think about what you REALLY want in life.

What do you love? And are you doing it?

I was talking to a writer this weekend: Katharine Ashe – AWESOME lady. Awesome writer. And I hope she doesn’t mind me using her to illustrate my point.

If you read her bio, you’ll see, in addition to writing romance novels, she’s a history professor. Well, I asked her which she loved more, which couldn’t she give up, even if she hit the lottery: teaching or writing?

Now I don’t remember her exact words, but the response was something like:

They both enrich my soul.

Something eloquent and compelling that made me think:

“Well, damn, how many people can say that about the thing they do for a living?”

Katharine beams when she talks about both her careers. She always has.

You can literally feel her joy.

I can only imagine how much joy she’s containing, if I can feel it rolling off her in waves.

Are you doing something that enriches your soul?

Do you love what you do so much you want to buy it chocolates and candy and curl up into bed with it each night?

I want a love affair with my career.

And I want to help you have one too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now, head over to CJ Lyon’s Marketing with Heart, for my “relationship building for creative people” part 2.