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I’m over on the Scoutie Girl blog today discussing how the Cosby Show Lied to me, so the guest blogging goodness on my site continues today.

If you missed my previous guest blogs, I’ve had award-winning author Katharine Ashe and kickass event planner Joye Speight.

Today’s guest post is from a former client I adore, Mary Caelsto, the Muse Charmer.

In this blog, she helps writers hone in our their message. It’s a good lesson for any business owner, if you ask me.

Hit it, Mary!


Fiction writers, do you have a message?

By Mary Caelsto (The Muse Charmer)

I recently completed a telesummit which I thought was skewed pretty strongly toward nonfiction writer. One of the big takeaway messages was finding one message that you, as a writer, could talk about for the rest of your career.

Whoa. One message for the rest of my career? My first thought was to close the browser window and declare the presenter crazy. I’m a fiction author. I can’t be restrained! Yes, I do write nonfiction, too, but one of the reasons why I like fiction is because I can play in different worlds and scenarios. I couldn’t imagine finding one message. Or could I?

A fiction writer’s message actually can be defined by several factors. And finding it, was easier than I thought.

First, the genre in which a writer creates stories can be part of the message. I primarily write romance. Thus, my message involves love in all its forms, how overcoming obstacles to find love can strengthen and empower us. I also write some science fiction and fantasy, but some romance usually sneaks in there, too. In fact, love and the belief in it is so strong within me that I find it more difficult to write stories without any love interests at all. Love is my writer’s message, and I’m proud of that fact.

Another way in which a fiction writer can develop a message is in the types of stories (not just the genres) written. Within the various genres there are a lot of variations. Just look at romance or science fiction for an example! Most writers choose a home within one small slice of a larger genre. This writing home can make up a portion of a writer’s message. For example, military science fiction writers may look at the role of power within the chain of command and war, or the ways in which countries or planets utilize their war-making powers.

Finally, even an author who writes across genre boundaries or crosses them within the same work can still look to his or her body of work to find some overarching themes.

Once this theme is discovered, it doesn’t have to be a written prison. Having a theme won’t limit a writer in scope or depth. A theme is a simple acknowledgement of what an author writes about. JK Rowling’s work can be seen within the theme of “brave people doing good will always triumph over evil.” There’s an ongoing story arc in each of her Harry Potter books, for example, but on a basic level that’s what her books are about: good over evil. John Grisham’s books carry the theme of good investigative and legal skills will win over corruption and bad lawyering. I don’t think either of these authors feel limited by their themes.

An author who finds a theme and making it the one message that he or she can share for the rest of his or her life, is one who is not afraid to find and occupy a niche. This theme becomes part of an author’s brand. When an author focuses on his or her brand, it grows. That’s what the speakers were trying to say.

It all starts with your message. So come on authors, what message are you willing to share and spread for your career? Don’t panic. Don’t feel locked into stories or genres!

Know that when you work with the stories of your heart, then you will find your message, and you’ll be thrilled to share it with readers for a long as you wish.

Bio: In addition to her own writing and work within the publishing industry, Mary works as The Muse Charmer, helping authors to charm their muses for productivity, passion, and profit! She invites readers to check out her website at and wants to share her free report, Newsletters Your Readers Can’t Ignore: Three Easy Steps To Supercharge  Your Newsletter And Leave Readers Wanting More. 


Thanks so much for stopping by, Mary!

Tell me, folks: Could you write on one topic for the rest of your life?

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