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I’ve confessed my love for writing fiction before.

It’s something I’ve always done. Since I could write, I’ve been writing stories.

Ask my mom. She’s not too proud of a story I wrote in the 5th grade…but I digress.

Well, for the last 6 months of 2010 I barely wrote 10 pages total.

I wasn’t inspired. I didn’t have the time. I was busy.

I was full of shit.

I should have made time. I should have made it a habit.

I should have worked regardless of whether or not my muse wanted to.

Bottom line: I should have written.

Here’s the funny thing about ideas:

If you don’t nurture your creativity, your ideas will die.

Nurturing isn’t always fun or convenient. It doesn’t always come easily.

Sometimes nurturing requires kicking and screaming and fighting and spitting. It may make you want to make obscene gestures or use your most colorful language because you hate it so much.

Think about raising a child. Are you really nurturing a child if you’re not feeding him, talking to him, protecting him, disciplining him and doing all the not-so-fun things parents have to do?

No. In some way, you’re letting your child whither and fade.

OK, bad imagery. Maybe I should have gone with a plant example…

My point is, nurturing your creativity is work. Hard work.

It’s pruning and watering and adjusting and caring and weeding and putting up with shit, I mean, fertilizer and whatever the hell else gardeners do.

Whether you want to use a child or plant metaphor, either way, it’s work.

The more you nurture your creativity, the more it will grow and develop and sprout an abundance of ideas, because you’re training your brain to be creative.

It is a muscle too you know.

Where do ideas come from?

Place 1: Creativity

And creativity is like a child or a plant, or even a muscle; it needs to be nurtured.

It’s born out of random neuron firing, but it’s sustained by nurturing.

So make it a habit.

Nora Roberts has some advice on this (scroll down to the bottom of the post).

For 30 minutes a day – nurture your creativity. You waste more time than that f’n around on the internet.

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