A flower grows on a patio

I feel like a flower.

Not just any flower, but, excuse the cliche, one growing through concrete.

Or least I feel how I imagine this type of flower feels. Excuse me while I drift into metaphor…

I’m sprouting and growing and progressing as I should beneath the dirt. Taking my nutrients where I can in this dark place. When I reach out for the sun, there’s something blocking my way.

I push and push and push against this immovable force. With no luck.

I try to sneak-attack, karate chop it in the metaphorical throat to break free.

No progress and now my hand hurts.

I cry. I sulk. I bitch, moan and scream because this thing won’t let me pass. It won’t let me grow.

In a fit of rage, I try again, with all the force within me. F’n concrete, won’t budge.

Finally and defeatedly I take a break. I step back.

I look within myself and say.

What do I need? What do I want?

Sun. Glorious sun.

Warm my skin. Brighten my days. Heal me. Relieve me of the darkness in my life.

I imagine my sun. I fantasize about my sun.

I let go of the force and the anger. I give it over to the sun, knowing if I can imagine this sun, I will someday bask in its glory.

If I just be what I am, and do what a flower like me is supposed to do, I will reach my sun.

I begin growing toward my sun.

It guides my steps and finally, blessedly, I find the smallest sliver in the concrete where I can see my sun peeking through.

I convince myself that my aforementioned karate chop created that crack…then I just grow.

I grow and grow and grow.

Following my sun. Until I’m a thriving flower, growing beautifully through slabs of resistant, sun-crushing concrete.

You ever feel like that flower? Going against your grain and rubbing yourself raw in the process. Killing yourself and your business.

Set your goals. Be yourself. Don’t fight it. Trust me, it won’t work.

You’ll either go crazy or be crazy. Think about it. You know what I mean.

Be like that flower. Give it up to your “sun,” your goals.

Embrace it.

Let your goals, desires and authentic self guide you to success in your life and creative business.

You can be like that flower. Except, you know, not a weed.

{image credit: A flower grows on a patio by gurdonark}