Seek clarity. pure passion plus pure goals equals pure living

Seek clarity. Pure passion + pure goals = pure living.

I woke up yesterday morning thinking: This year, I’m screwed.

Why? Because this year I didn’t make New Year’s resolutions.

This was BIG for me, because I ALWAYS make New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve always LOVED making them.

And while I don’t officially start MY new Year until January 6 (my birthday) and I did make a frou-frou list of feel-good things I want to do in my next year of living, I didn’t make my usual list of “Personal, Family & Business” resolutions.

I couldn’t.

I NEED to seek clarity in my existence before I can sit down and write a guiding set of principles to guide my steps.

And, who knows, maybe once I find that clarity, I won’t want to make resolutions.

I’m all about action, but without CLARITY, action is just wrong.

Seek clarity.

Clarity breeds pure passion and pure action.

How do you find clarity in your life?

How do you drown out the noise of this world to find your core?

How do you stay focused on your authenticity, when so many external forces try to influence you?

January is a time of renewal and refocus.

Get clear about who YOU are. WHY you do and what you do!

Distill life until your passion and purpose are clear. Then ROCK this world.