These were the words that greeted me when I unwrapped my Dove Almond Kisses Chocolate.

Don’t settle for a spark…light a fire instead.

You can’t always predict when sparks will come and there’s not much behind them.

Think about it.

Sparks are particles. Minute, random discharges.

They will disappear easily if they have nothing to grab on to.

Over the years, I’ve discovered that my muse can be a fickle slut.

She’s creative as hell…when she’s around. But she often goes on random sabbaticals without leaving a note as to when she’ll return.

In the not-so-distant past, I’d let her leave.

I’d shut down my metaphorical creativity store and put a sign in the window letting people know I was closed until the whore came back.

I was living on sparks.

Passion. Purpose. Profit.

It’s not just something I put on my site. I say it to myself often.

I’m making it a mentality.

These 3 words tell me that I can’t live on sparks. Neither can my creativity.


Passion is hot. It flames and engulfs.

It doesn’t need no stinkin’ sparks.

Passion is a conflagration that destroys lethargy, laziness and the notion that you need a muse to get shit done.

Sparks are created by passion. They are a byproduct not a catalyst.

Passion doesn’t mean ideas will always flow easily, it means you want them to.


To some people, purpose means your “calling” or your destiny.

A grand, glamorous mission you’re supposed to complete because someone or something told you should or because, by nature or nurture, you happen to be good at it.

I have to disagree.

Yes, if you have a knack for creating or helping or whatever, by all means, do it, but purpose isn’t always so easy or straightforward. And it doesn’t always come naturally.

Purpose isn’t easy, but it is necessary.

I want to help people, help the environment, help the world, while being creative- not because it’s the “calling” that some muse told me I should have and not because it’s fun.

Because I feel I should. And I have to hold myself accountable for that.


This one is simple.

Sparks don’t produce profit.

Fires do. (Fires = hard work, determination, etc. Sorry, I’m lost in my own metaphor, people)

Profits don’t happen easily. Neither do fires.

In both cases, profits and fires, they require persistence and can only be achieved when you have the right elements in play. And if you want to sustain them you have to work at it. To feed them and to watch them closely.

Don’t settle for a spark…light a fire instead.

Are you living on sparks?

Waiting constantly for your muse to strike?

Need a fire lit under your ass?

Light it yourself.

Watch this video of what #1 New York Times Best Seller Nora Roberts has to say about her muse– specifically at about 5:19 minutes in. Apply it to your passion, goals and ideas.

Stop waiting and go light a fire.