“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown

{ Quote: “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

– Les Brown – Pin this on Pinterest. }

I’m so blessed to have so many crazy-smart friends, especially ones who will guest blog for me.

The fabulous Qwillia Rain writes erotic romance with BDSM elements.

Steamy stuff that provides plenty of ideas for the boudoir. *exaggerated eyebrow wiggle*

In today’s blog post, Qwillia discusses the expectation of success. Share your own expectations of success below.



Author Qwillia RainI am a writer.

What I write doesn’t necessarily matter. Or does it?

Why I write isn’t important. Or is it?

Ask any number of writers and you’ll hear every reason under the sun as to why they write and what they write, but only a few approach their writing from a business perspective. That number is on the rise with the advent of digital self-publishing. If a writer approaches her writing from a business perspective all the little details begin to add up.

How she deals with that pile of details determines how interested in success she is.

Sounds whacked, huh? Nobody sets out NOT to be successful. Success equals recognition, right? Success equals independence, right? Success = $$, right?

Yes, success can equal all of those, but the most important thing success equals is responsibility.

As a writer, I need to be responsible for identifying how best to market my books. I need to know where the best placement of my product is. I need to be responsible and committed to providing quality content in every novel I produce. I need to be prepared to get shot down at any time; by a competitor, by a reader, by a reviewer. Because rejection stimulates fear and fear can hinder forward momentum.

If I’m going to take my business seriously, I need to know what fears stop me in my tracks and what motivation makes be plow forward. Funny thing is—often the thing that stops me fuels my motivation.

I am what my friend calls ‘a Wild West Girl.’ I’m a rule breaker. Once I recognize the rule blocking me, I devise a way to smash it and make people like it.

Recently it was pointed out to me that the sub-genre I write in is marginalized in mainstream romance due to its very nature and the rules governing society. At least in the US. This impacts my potential for success, so I need to face it.

Now this is where my comment about how interested in success a writer is:

Knowing the expectations of mainstream romance readers I have two choices:

A) I can change my approach to how I portray the sub-genre I write in, or

B) I can accept that I will have only a limited level of success if I even make it into mainstream romance if I keep writing the way I write.

Hmmm—A? B?…I’ll take option C, Monty.

What is option C?

That’s the one where I slide on my bitch boots, break out my toys and write books so badass that the readers are begging to jump into the world of my characters and leave propriety and expectations way behind.

And, baby, I know just how to do it and make it hurt so good.

I am a writer. What I write doesn’t necessarily matter, but how I design my business as a writer does.

My expectations of success drive my every decision.

Even the ones that break the rules.


Thanks so much for stopping by, Qwillia!

You can find Qwillia Rain online and check out her book Santa’s Elf, guaranteed to, wait for it *sly look*, jingle your bells this holiday season. Also I have to plug In a Lover’s Silence, because I LOVE dark thrillers that feature serial killers- especially if there’s a love story involved. *swoon* I’m reading it now and I encourage people to go download it today!

Tell me, folks: What are your expectations of success? Are they truly your expectations or what you think you should want? How does fear affect your view of success?

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