We all look for it at some point in our careers.

A business miracle cure.

It may be a book, a product or a class.

We want a miracle cure to help manage money better, to help us build deeper relationships with our customers using minimal effort, to help us sell more, to fire us up for work every day…

…to help our businesses grow into the stratosphere.

My business sometimes benefits from people trying to find a miracle cure.

Every business that operates with the desire to solve a problem – in my case, it’s my desire to help creative people craft lives sustained by their passions and purposes – in some way benefits from people’s desire to find a miracle cure. A quick fix, an easy solution to their problems.

But what most consumers really and truly know at their core is that these products and businesses really can’t give them a miracle cure. As in an easy way to attain a really difficult, big, hairy, audacious goal.

And yet we keep trying different things, buying more expensive solutions, going through more intense regimes designed to give us the results we want.

And why?

No, we’re not all crazy.

We’re not all driven by the desire to senselessly spend money.

We’re all looking for the right solution for us.

The one that fits our way of working. Our way of doing things. Our way of thinking.

We know that hard work is the key to attaining success, but if we can just find a solution that works well within our own unique framework, we can propel ourselves to achieve the goals we want to achieve, a little easier than working within a pre-existing system – going against our grain – trying desperately to stuff our star-shaped peg bodies into too-small square holes.

Exploration can be a path to your business miracle cure.

Maybe you’ll find the system that fits you.

Maybe you’ll find a system that you can adjust and adapt to fit your needs.

Maybe you’ll find that nothing out there fits you at your core, so you need to create your own.


What miracle cures have you been searching for?

What have you found out about yourself, your way of thinking and your needs by searching for these miracle cures?

Are you constantly jumping from one thing to the next without taking the chance to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work about past solutions you’ve sought?