Hi guys,

I wanted to try to answer a few questions for people who are unsure about the Best-Seller Author Branding Bootcamp. Thank you for all the messages (and registrations- it’s going to be a full class, I think!).

I’m a published author. How can this help me if I already have a brand?

If you already have a brand, great! You are ahead of the curve. This bootcamp will help you understand branding and brand strategy at their most basic level and teach you techniques that you can apply to your existing brand to help create more sales opportunities using different branding vehicles. This work will also help you determine ways to change your brand if you decide to rebrand later in your career.

I’m an unpublished author. Is branding important for me?

Yes. Branding is important for anyone who has completed at least 2 books with the same brand genre and who is interested in eventually selling those books. Completed, meaning these books have been worked and reworked and is ready for the submission or publishing table.

I’m a self-published author. Is this book right for me?

For the love of Joe Manganiello, YES! In my opinion, self-publishing is the intersection of small business and lifestyle design which are principles I adore! If you are self-published, you most definitely run a small business, so branding and other business practices are important. Rock on, you!

Do I need to have an MBA or an Ivy League education to understand this stuff?

*Scoff* Puh-leaze. I specialize in low-brow, super candid business advice. I’ll do my best to explain any foreign terms, but this bootcamp is designed to take what I’ve learn in my business classes, via my experience and research and translate it to authors looking to turn their passions into profit effectively.

Will these practices cost me a lot of money to complete?

This bootcamp is written by a woman who took her nephew to PetSmart so she wouldn’t have to pay for admission to a zoo. (SIDENOTE: If you’ve never tried this with small children, I suggest you do it, because it has almost the same effect on them as going to the zoo.) Most of the things I describe can be done for free with a little elbow grease on your part. Beyond the cost to purchase the bootcamp, you won’t spend much. I also provide many free and cheap resources throughout this bootcamp for authors.

If it’s pay-what-you-can, why do I have to pay anything?

I do a lot for free, because I choose to, but I do believe in the exchange of money for goods or service. It makes our world go around. There’s power in this process. Power that you have as the buyer! You hold the power because you can choose who you spend your money on. I recently spent 30 bucks and a meal that would have costed me $15 somewhere else because the restaurant only uses fresh local ingredients from local farmers. Yes, I griped for the briefest of moments about this exchange of money and thought “Man, I could take that other $15 and go get two slices of Key Lime cheesecake from the cheesecake factory.” BUT I felt good about supporting this local business. I support what they stand for, so I gave them my dollars in exchange for their food and service.

I’m proud I’m able to provide products and services you feel are worthy of your patronage and I hope to continue to provide those products and services.

…also I’ve spent a LOT of time putting this bootcamp together.

You ask a lot of personal questions on the pre-class survey. Why should I tell you this stuff?

You don’t have to. Again, you choose to share what you want, This information is to help me craft the bonus lesson of my bootcamp. The more you share about your concerns and questions – the better this lesson will be, so I appreciate the candor,

I hope this helps! Feel free to keep contacting me.

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