Are you currently using Twitter to market your small business?

Twitter is an amazingly powerful tool and frankly, one of my favorite sources for news and current events.

With hundreds of millions of users and billions of tweets sent ever week, it can be an intimidating platform.

Fortunately, there are a few features you could be using to make managing Twitter super easy, for novices and pros.

These features are great for small businesses and brands looking to rock the Twitterverse.

1. Lists

Organize the people, brands and companies you follow using Twitter lists.

Maybe you have Twitter lists of friends and family, clients & supporters, cool peeps, news & media.

Whatever your interests, you can create lists of peeps on Twitter to fit your needs.

This feature is especially great if you follow a bunch of people. You can use Twitter lists to segment your streams based on what you want to see at that moment.

You can make these lists private or public.

I have private lists of Twitter peeps that I use for prospecting, relationship building and keeping up with industry info.


2. Advanced search

Find people talking about specific topics, find people near you talking about specific topics.

Want to connect with people on Twitter who live near you? Traveling or moving and want to find peeps on Twitter where you’re headed? Use twitter advanced search to search for specific topics and Twitter users in specific places.

Advanced search makes a good prospecting or research tool for small businesses.

Maybe your local restaurant is thinking about using Twitter to market your new series of jazz concerts,use twitter advanced search to see who and how many people in your area are talking about jazz, music, entertainment, concerts, etc.


3. Tags

Hashtag to jump onto trends and info loops. Tag others to connect and be social.

Be social on social media in order to build relationships and get more exposure for your brand.

Connect brands and people on Twitter. Respond to their questions with engaging answers, retweet relevant information and mention them when appropriate.

The more you interact authentically with other brands, the more exposure your brand will get on Twitter.

And B-T-Dubs, don’t be a spammer.


4. Resources.

Use the resources Twitter provides. Twitter’s comprehensive resource library is pimpin’.

In my Using Social Media for Business Guide, I mention how important it is to go to the source for advice on how to use social media for your business or brand. Twitter provides excellent resources and guides for just that.

They have a whole section dedicated to using Twitter for business and an amazing guide titled, wait for it, Twitter for Small Business.


5. Integrations

Integrate Twitter into the other avenues of your business.

Do you have your Twitter handle on your business cards, on your website, etc?

Do your show your Twitter stream activity on your website?

Do you use a social media dashboard to monitor the conversation and search streams?

Twitter integrates seamlessly with so many services. Research how you can use these integrations to make running your business easier.

Discover how to add your Twitter stream widgets or follow buttons to your website.

Discover how to set up Twitter search streams in Hootsuite to make it easy to monitor “the conversation”


How do you use Twitter features for business?