We’re planning something fun here at Creativity Loft and I have to share it with you.

We’re scheduling an Author Branding Bootcamp soon! I’ve rounded up a batch of content minions to help create an awesome bunch of materials to teach authors all about this mess they call branding.

It’ll have great, albeit irreverent and snarky, content, free worksheets to download, lots of links to excellent sources on author branding and more!

And it’ll be running HERE, yes, HERE, on the Creativity Loft blog. Free to all visitors.

*wild cheers and applause*

Why authors? Well, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions lately from authors about branding. And I have a soft spot for them. *wink* Plus, the minions will make sure there are nuggets of branding gold in the content that every creative brand can use. They’ll slip it in while I’m off reading a romance novel or something. The bastards.

But seriously, I’m super excited about this! One of my big goals here at Creativity Loft, other than kicking creative brands in the pants and typing rambling posts and finding cool new words that I can highlight my name in (see the logo), is to help creative brands succeed and make a living doing what they love.

Who doesn’t want that? Puppy-kicking evil-doers, that’s who!

So don’t be one of those guys. Keep checking back for more information on our upcoming AUTHOR BRANDING BOOTCAMP! I’ll post more information this week!

And subscribe to my newsfeed while you’re here. No puppy-kicking evil-doers allowed!