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Who says you can’t get anything for free anymore?

I beg to differ.

I’ve got a few things here to prove naysayers wrong.

Sell More in 3 Days FREE Ebook

“mind control, breadcumbs and relationship building.” This was originally a set of email sent to subscribers of my “Stop F’n Around” list, but I’m sharing it with everyone.

It walks you through 3 days, and actionable steps to gaining your more sales and deeper relationships to grow your creative business. By the end you’ll have one sweet mind control ray.

Download the free ebook here.

Stop F’n Around Resources and Email List

Don’t let the cursing scare you. If you’re part of my “Stop F’n Around” crew, you’re not playing around with your creative business or your life.

You want positive results. You want success. And you want frequent tips that will help you get positive results and success. I deliver those.

Every month the email list will get inspirational, results-inspiring emails to help you live a happier, more successful life.

Every month, I’ll try to share a new resource on the “Stop F’n Around” page for other people.

Visit the section for more information.

Stop Whining. Start Doing free e-course

Let’s face it. We’re all whiners. And sometimes we whine about things we can change.

The problem is, whining and negativity beget whining and negativity.

It’s a vicious cycle, but once you break out of it, you’re on the fast track to not only action, but accomplishment.

This free e-course is designed to help you: 1. identify the things that keep you whining, 2. teach you how to eliminate the negativity in your life and 3. throughly kick you in the pants so you can take action.

Doers rock. Join the club.

*warming up my kicking leg*

Learn more about “Stop Whining. Start Doing.” here.