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Goals – should you have them or not?

I’ve heard two sides of this story.

Goals give you direction. Guidance. Something to aim for.

Goals can be a guiding light toward living the life you want.

I’m a big fan of goals. I set them often.

I love setting big, lofty goals.

But goals can also cause stress in my life, when I don’t achieve them.

Goals can put pressure on you. Self-inflicted disappointment.

What’s your view of goals? Do you keep them or not?

I have many goals for 2011.

One of my biggest goals is to build Creativity Loft to be a community for creative people.

To be a candid, down-to-earth resource for you guys.

I also want to reach out to, connect with and build relationships with as many people in the creative community as I can… in addition to a few other business goals centering around writing, crafts and authenticity.

What are your goals for this year?

I know some people don’t share their goals openly. Whether it be because they don’t want to jinx themselves or they are afraid if they don’t accomplish it, they’ll be lessened somehow in the eyes of others.

No judgy eyes here, people.

Set the goals you want to set, tell who you want to tell and, if you don’t accomplish your goals, feel pride in the steps you took and what you DID accomplish.