Does your marketing feel good?

Like Idris Elba massaging your back while complementing your fresh face and messy top knot? 

If not, you’re probably doing it wrong.

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Hey, boo! I’m Tivi Jones and I teach badass people about marketing.

I expand promotional mindsets and I help people create brands that work for them! If you need help with your marketing, then we should probably be friends.

TL;DR — if you’re having trouble getting the business results you truly crave, your marketing could be to blame. #RealTalk. 

Imagine for a moment…

Let’s pretend this is #GNI and you’ve already enjoyed a glass of wine… then I ask you:

How are things with your business?

You might say one of three things:

What business?!?!

“I’m having trouble launching. I’m afraid because I’m just not really sure HOW to do this. What do I really need to make this thing work?”

I can't find enough customers!

“Someone told me that if I built it, they would come. They LIED! I launched my business, but I still don’t have any customers. What’s up with that?”

I want to be bigger!

“I mean, I do OK, but I need to grow this thing. I have big bills and even bigger dreams. I need to make this business pop.”

One thing can solve all these issues. I’ll give you a hint, darling: It’s marketing.

Yes, there are levels to it. But it relates to the same damn thing:

My Programs….

When it comes to what I offer, I keep it simple and useful. As someone whose dream job growing up was a teacher, I’m all about providing value and resources. So here they are:


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Actionable Blogs

My weekly blogs are equal parts fun and actionable content. I bet you a cup of coffee that each will give you something you can use immediately to improve your marketing.

Free Trainings

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Want to Play an Even Bigger Game?

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Still Curious About Me?

My marketing, branding, business development work goes back more than a dozen years. Since I began consulting in 2010, my expertise has been trusted hundreds of people and by dozens of great brands!

“Tivi’s energy and enthusiasm is the perfect kick in the pants you need to spark your business into high gear!”

~CJ Lyons, New York Times Bestseller and Author of “Rock Bottom” with Erin Brokovich


 “…I highly recommend her if you need a social media expert, public relations specialist and event coordinator wrapped into one.”

– Beth Shugg, Editor at Carolina Parent and Where® (Raleigh-Durham)

“Thanks to what I learned, I pay more attention to making all my publicity channels consistent, not only in product, but in look and feel, when I can. I have a direction and an identity now–something I can articulate, intelligently rather than ‘I write romance novels.’ Thank you! “

– Robin DeJarnett

 “…While working with Tivi, she created revenue-generating marketing programs. Her programs were not only extremely successful for her division, but were adopted company-wide and brought in top-name clients plus introduced new clients to the business…”

Michelle Breland Jude, Executive Director at Pride Entrepreneur Education Program


“I would definitely recommend…really helps to teach us some of the tools & insider knowledge that we need to succeed! A must for writers at all levels!”

– L. E. Harvey

 “Tivi’s skill set is expansive — from marketing and promotion to event planning and execution, from delivering and analyzing social media campaigns to negotiating with venues and vendors, from outstanding status reporting to encouraging and motivating others — but I admire what I consider to be her towering strength: She’s principled and she’s authentic. She delivers what she promises she’ll deliver…”

Brenda Larson, Assistant Director The Duke Chronicle

 “…like a shot of joy juice to creative people. I felt energized, fired with enthusiasm and new information after learning so much.”

–Charmaine Gordon

   “…a pleasure to work with, never losing her cool or her sense of humor.”

Odile Fredericks, Web Content Specialist, GoTriangle

 Humor, plain talk, facts, and usable information.

–Kayelle Allen


“Tivi is a smart bitch, that’s all there is to it. Her no-nonsense advice is spot on and can motivate even the laziest among us to get off our asses and market our books effectively.”

–Miranda Baker

Brands I’ve worked with:

So, you wanna be friends or nah?


So, you’re all the way down here… and I want to know:

Whatcha gon’ do now?