Ah, the joys of worrying about marketing the product you’ve spent so much time crafting.

It’s enough to make anyone crazy.

Especially when you have to wonder if the amount of time you’re spending on your marketing is enough to keep your business going…

Today’s TiviTV question comes from Anya Richards of AnyaRichards.com.

All the product-oriented companies I’ve worked for in the past have 4 main departments that keep the company afloat: product creation, sales and marketing, administration and executives.

You, my lovely business owner, have to be a little bit of everything.

Remember your audience.

If you’re not marketing to them, you’re wasting your time.

You want to make marketing and promotion a habit for your business, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day.

The key is to make these minutes COUNT.

Experiment with it and have fun. And be sure to evaluate your tactics to see what delivers the results you need.

Don’t be afraid the switch it up.

So tell me:

How much time do you spend marketing your business?

What are the best marketing tactics you use for reaching your audience?

What digital media marketing and online business strategy questions do you have?

Comment below with your question and I may use it in my next video!

Get busy!