How some brands are using Facebook Page Timeline Milestones

Facebook switched over brand pages to the new Facebook page timeline format on Friday and Saturday of last week, as I’m sure you are all aware.

One great thing I like about the new timeline for businesses is the milestones feature.

This is a great feature for brands that have been around for a while, or brands that want to show they have a solid history of delivering for their customers. Street cred is valuable in business too, right? 🙂

I talk about milestones in detail in my free guide Using Social Media for Business.

Milestones create trust.

Before you add your own, check out how a few cool brands are using milestones.

I’ve included a few examples below so you can see how some brands are using Facebook page timeline milestones. check out the Old Spice example, it’s pretty humorous.



Ford Mustang





Old Spice

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