“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” Michelangelo

Here are a few quick tips to boost Facebook page engagement – a few tips I learned from monitoring client accounts.

Short and sweet. Here we go:

1. Give it some personality. Each business has (or should) have a personality or culture to portray in digital media. People want to see some personality in your business. Trust me. The new Facebook page timeline has a few cool ways to help you show a little more personality on your Facebook page.

2. Use native Facebook apps. Facebook likes when brand pages use their native apps. These are the kinds of posts that always seem to get more exposure. Use Facebook photo galleries, Facebook polls and Facebook video uploads to boost Facebook page engagement.

3. Talk about current events. Fact: Every major news event in the last year, with the exception of the death of Whitney Houston – because I got a text about that, I learned via digital media. Seriously. Social media and email marketing have delivered almost EVERY breaking news story for me in the past year, probably longer. Why? Because people are itching to talk about current events, make things go viral and share their opinions on controversial topics. If you doubt this, please just Google Joseph Kony and see the way social media has made the Kony 2012 campaign go viral. Now, your content doesn’t have to be controversial or riot-worthy, but loop in industry current events and news, if you can, for your audience.

4. Ask and you may receive. I’ve seen all sorts of statistics about asking people to like, share or recommend your content. Some stats say you can increase engagement by 100% if you just ask people to interact with your content. Others say up to 400%. The point is that asking people to like, share or recommend your content (given the content is worth liking, sharing or recommending) is likely to increase engagement. Plus it’s good practice to ask for what you want. *grin*

5. Be consistent, but not annoying. Post regularly to your Facebook page, but limit your posts. Media companies can post more often as they should be sharing content or information, but brands should be careful about posting too often. Also give it some time between each of your posts, as in don’t post to Facebook every 5 minutes, because that’s just annoying. If you don’t have time to pop in and pop out of Facebook every few hours to post content, consider a social media dashboard that allows you to schedule posts like, my favorite, Hootsuite.

So that’s it.

Easy tips you can implement today. I know you’ll rock it.

Aim for the sky, peeps!

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