What’s your opinion of failure?

I think we all have a pretty unique view of it.

I’ll tell you a story of my most recent big failure – I fail, I think, on a daily basis, but this is probably the one in the last week that upset me the most.

This past Saturday, my mom came to visit me. We had 2 goals for Saturday – purchase a security storm door for my home and install it.

My mom is a DIYer – I credit my home decorating and DIY ballsiness to her.

She’s always trying something new or researching some new project for her house.

So we went to a home improvement store, bought the security storm door and brought it home.

We removed the back door exterior brick moulding to my house. We measured. We re-measured. We drilled holes. We measured again. We mitered brick moulding.

But when it came down to putting the storm door in place — even after all the measuring and remeasuring — It wouldn’t fit.

I was so disappointed. I felt like a failure. After all that work. Ugh.

So my mom says to me — and I’m not kidding — in her deep southern drawl.

“Now, there’s no need to stick your lip out like that.”

Yes, I was pouting, but my mother kindly reminded me of all we’d accomplished on Saturday.

We may not have been able to install the door but we:

-Purchased the door and it is now in my possession– if I can hire someone else to do it.
-Discovered an easy to install brick moulding kit – which I can also use to replace the brick moulding on my front door.
-Learned what the hell brick moulding was – and stopped calling it “the door frame wood stuff” or some other clever phrase.
-Learned how to mitre wood and discovered a kit to do it ourselves – I’m happiest about this!

We learned a lot on Saturday.

Overall, I would probably say our experience was a failure because we didn’t accomplish both goals we’d set out to do, but it was a GOOD FAIL.

A fail where I learned a lot, so I can be prepared to succeed or at least fail better next time.


Of your perceived failures, what have you learned from them?

What steps do you take to fail better in the future?