I think Tuesdays are the most neglected day of the week.

Think about it for a second.

Sundays- for some people are holy days or the dreaded “last day until I go back to work” day. Or football day.

Mondays- everyone hates them, but at least there’s some passion there, plus there’s football on Monday’s too.

Wednesdays- Hump day.

Thursdays- “One more day until the weekend” day.

Fridays- TGIF. Need I say more?

Saturdays- Fun day for most people.

What do Tuesdays get? Nada.

Well, this Tuesday is a special day.

Today is the day I give a few ideas on how to fail with your creative business.

You heard me. How. to. fail.

3 things to do if you want your creative business to crash and burn in 2011.

Count ’em. Let’s go.

3. Let someone else do all your dirty work.

*Scoff* You’re a business owner and who gives a crap about how the little pieces fit together as long as you can hire someone else to do them.

Yeah… good luck with that mentality.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a micro-business owner, meaning, your business most likely consists of you, your cat and sometimes your spouse. So all the “dirty work” that needs to be done, it’s up to you to do it or at least know how it needs to be done.

Marketing, accounting, operations, whatever- learn the basics, dude. Because when those college interns you were counting on disappear over the summer, it’s all on you, babe.

You wanna be a good creative entrepreneur? Get a DIY mentality.

2. Lie your ass off.

Oh, yeah. This free e-course will help you lose 10 pounds and make your kids behave and give you the winning ticket number to the mega millions. Sign up today for Stop Whining. Start Doing.

You believed that, right?

And if I were seriously trying to convince you that a free e-course would do unbelievably outrageous things, you would totally trust me, right?

Don’t be a liar. The relationship you have with your audience is WAY more valuable than making a quick buck.

People stick with brands they trust.

Build trust, deliver awesome products and repeat.

1. Give up, because, let’s face it, it’s too damn hard.

Being a creative entrepreneur can suck.

Money can be tight. People may not be reading your blog, following you on Twitter or liking you on Facebook.

Excuse me while I go get my world’s tiniest violin.

Life isn’t easy. Neither is business.

Don’t expect to hit the ground and be an overnight success.

It’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. But they’re should be a few.

Prepare yourself for hard work, sleepless nights, ramen for dinner and “this f’n sucks” days while you grow and don’t give up if you hit a rough patch.

Number one way to ensure your creative business goes belly-up this year is to give up.

Yeah, that’ll pretty much do it.

Help your business grow, join an army of creative entrepreneurs who are done putting up with “well enough” and be entered for the chance to win big.