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Mojo Sessions Tivi Jones

I know my calculus. It says you plus me equals us.

Your brain power + my marketing mojo = a month’s worth of rockstar results for your business, in one day.

Holy Starbucks, Batman. Yep, thats how I roll.

I want to work with you for a full day of creative marketing output.

True story:

I used to only take clients on a monthly basis – I found that work didn’t inspire me to greatness.

As my schedule got busier, I started doing “marathon sessions” with companies and found that I LOVE the speedy-quick, ultra-output flow which by the end of it I could give them a list of deliverables and instructions and empower them to take the reigns of their businesses.

I realized, it didn’t take a month or a long consulting lead time to create AMAZING results for brands.

It just takes focus. And massive, inspired action.

And that’s what I’m offering you. Optimistic, spirit-laced, caffeine-infused focus and inspired action.

We’ll rock so hard together we’ll need a cigarette by the end.*

1 day of me and you making marketing magic could equal:

-3 social networking profiles pimp out.

-year long marketing calendar. Done.

-rocking email newsletter layout.

-kick-ass marketing copy created for your next launch.

-massive PR campaign. Roasted.

…and much, much more.

Give me one full day of dedicated [insert name of your business here]-time and we’ll totally rock out to the unique sounds of your business and put processes in place to help you kick some major BUTT.


Each Mojo Session Includes:

– 2-hour  initial consulting session. This is super quick and focused, usually via phone or Skype and in the morning.

– 5-hour block of super-focused work for your business. I work. You’re welcome to work too, or you can sit on your couch and watch Jersey Shore. Your choice.

– Turn-around on 5-10 must-have marketing with meaning items (email list opt-in form, opt-in sequence copy, social media bios, social media schedules, marketing calendar, easy autoresponder set up, etc.)

– 1-hour wrap session. In the evening.

– post-session wrap kit (with goodies and encouragement for you)

– email nurturing for about a week afterward and 30-minute follow-up session 7-10-days later.


If you’re interested in working with me for one day of supreme kick-ass work designed to help you create hype with heart and marketing with meaning, download and complete my Pre-Mojo Session (Awesome) Kit, complete it and send it back to me.

Mojo Sessions are a $500 investment for a full day of rockstar creative marketing output with me plus one week of follow-up.

Launch month special: Reserve your spot before September 30 and save 20%

Please note: These are intense, no BS, kick-butt sessions designed to make your business thrive and give you a roadmap of warm-fuzzy marketing goodness. This is a serious program for people ready to make things happen in their business with my kick-butt, push-you-to-greatness, but nurturing consulting style.**

I’ll blow your mind, but I’ll do it with love.

Contact me today if you’re interested in a Mojo Session. It’s the missing puzzle piece you’ve been looking for to rock your business.

*I don’t smoke actually.

** Most of the work for the day is on me. You can sit back relax or take a nap, if you want. Just be ready to rock during our initial Skype call and our follow-up session.

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