In the spirit of transparency and authenticity, I’d like to start posting monthly reports & forecasts.

I’m always creating yearly, monthly, weekly, daily goals and as I aim for this blog to be a part of the small business & lifestyle resources I provide to the public, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention two habits that I find useful in my own small business and lifestyle design practice.

Reporting & Forecasting

Reporting: summarizing your accomplishments based on a particular period of time and goals set.

Forecasting: creating goals and action plans for a period of time in the future.

I know some people like going with the flow, living in the moment when it comes to future goals– and that’s great. To each, his own. But I like to have a little road map, so forecasting works for me.

But don’t fall into the trap I often have to pull myself out of: spending an inordinate amount of time forecasting and keep putting off the actual doing.

I’m planning a video for tomorrow about the shortcut to success and my own not-so-merry-go-round of inactivity.

That said. Here’s my report for May & my forecast for June. I’ll have to warn you, it’s written more as a reminder (and chastising) to myself than anything “official.”

May 2011 Report:

Overview: May was a whirlwind for me. I made a lot of lofty goals, as is the case every month, and sadly many- didn’t come to fruition either because I was too afraid to make them happen or too busy making up excuses.

Big events:

1. Husband came home from school for the summer.

2. Got settled back into my old house (moved at the end of April after having renters here).

3. Took a mini-vacation to Orlando with my girls.


1. increase in income over previous month. up 37.8% over April

2. got my site back up by June 1.

3. Began writing (writing, not plotting) my next fiction work. 13,295 words written in May- 10K of that in a one week period.

Things to improve:

1. Weekly productivity. I have spurts of 1-2 days when I’m a rock star and other days when…yeah, not so much. May be due to the fact that I work every day of the week.

2. Writing output.

3. Income.

4. Connecting with people.

5. Organization- Note to self: your office and email inbox look like vomit.

WAYS to improve:

1. Stop being lazy. Be a rock star every day. Rock star productivity on my work days and rock star relaxation on my “days off.”

2. Officially take days off. See item #1.

3. Write every day.

4. Inspire more and be inspired. Get outside my zone. Talk to more people.

5. Get organized- streamline work & declutter.

June Forecast

(minus my action plan)

1. Increase revenue by 10%

Note: Make it happen. Just do it and all that jazz.

2. Officially take 1.5 days off a week. No work. At all. No email. Just play, home, family and rest.

Note: Tell the “Work Nazi” (husband) of plan.

3. Get/Develop & implement an additional revenue stream by June 20th.

4. Purge office, inbox & computer files. Actually do it this month. This is the most stale item on your ever-changing “to complete” list.

5. Finish first draft of novel. Second most stale item. Just saying.

6. Genuinely connect with, inspire or be inspired by 7 people this month.

7. Digitize business receipts and files.

So there are my goals.

You guys have no idea how much it scares me to put it out there like that, but in the spirit of doing more things that scare me…there you go. Accountability, you know. My girl, romance writer Qwillia Rain, is perhaps one of my best accountability buddies. And she’s going to kill me when she sees how much I actually wrote last month. Bring on the flogging…

For each goal, I’ll make a BRIEF action plan, trying to limit my time spent on the planning to ~5 minutes and then I start immediately making the goal happen. I just gotta do it.


How was last month for you?

Really evaluate it! What do you need to improve upon?

Don’t kid yourself! Be honest.

What accomplishments can you shout from the rooftop? Shout, baby, shout!

What small business & lifestyle design goals do you want to accomplish this month?

Create a short forecast, then make it happen!

Remember, maximum output one day at a time to achieve greatness!