Yesterday, February 29, Facebook rolled out the previews for the new Facebook page timeline.

If you have a Facebook profile, you’re already using the Facebook timeline feature for your personal account, but you may be wondering how the new Facebook page timeline will affect your business Facebook page.

I have that information for you….

I’ll admit, I was underwhelmed with the introduction of the Facebook timelines for personal profiles.

But I’m super excited about the new Facebook page timeline because I think it presents a very intriguing way to share your company with people, inject some personality into your company and reach the almost half a billion – that’s billion with a B – people who log into Facebook every day.

Here’s an overview of the new Facebook page timeline:

Go ahead and log into your Facebook page account. You’ll see a notification that tells you that effective March 30, 2012, all pages will be automatically switched over to the new page designs, so now is the time to go in and get familiar with the new setup.



Here are what a few well-known brand pages look like with the new Facebook Page timeline.



Facebook says its new page timeline allows you to better:

Express your identity; reach and engage your audience on the web and on mobile; and respond to people in a quick, more personal way.

But how?


Let’s take a closer look at the elements of the new page timeline layout.

Facebook Page Cover Photo

Use to capture the essence of your brand and showcase your product or service.

Facebook Page Profile Picture

For your brand logo. Or image people associate with your brand.

Facebook Page Views and Apps

Your photos, events and Facebook page apps.

Facebook Page Friend Activity

People who visit your Page will be able to see how their friends have interacted with your brand.

Facebook Page Composer

Post to your page.

Facebook Page Pinned Post

Pin the most important story to the top of your page for up to 7 days.




Other features of the new Facebook page timeline

Star or hide stories– Hide irrelevant stories or highlight important ones.

Larger stories– Larger photo format in the new Facebook page timeline to drive engagement.

Milestones– Define your brand’s key moments in the page timeline format.


Tips for using the new Facebook page timeline

-Posts that include a photo album or picture can generate 2x more engagement than other post types, based on July 2011 Facebook internal studies.

-Use a consistent profile picture branded for your business. Use an image that can scale from 180X180 to 32X32 pixels. This image will be used throughout Facebook in news feed stories, ads and sponsored stories.


For more on the new Facebook page timeline, visit Facebook’s Introducing New Facebook Pages feature.

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