November 25, 2011: North Carolina consulting company offers authors an after Thanksgiving sale they can't refuse

NEWS RELEASE: North Carolina consulting company offers authors an after Thanksgiving sale they can’t refuse.

Durham, NC – Web-based Durham, North Carolina consulting company Creativity Loft is offering authors an after Thanksgiving deal any creative wordsmith can afford, a digital guide on marketing with a shopping cart that lets them edit the price.

“Minions, Mind Worms & Mind-Control Rays: An Author’s Mini Guide to Marketing, PR & World Domination” is a concise and humorous digital guide created for authors who want to reach and connect with more potential readers and gain more sales. It’s available, until December 1, 2011, for any price the purchaser wants to pay.

On the Creativity Loft site (, once buyers click the “Buy Now” button, the shopping cart lets purchasers edit the price to what they want – as low as 25 cents.

“It’s no secret that authors are my favorite group of creative people,” says Creativity Loft Director Tivi Jones, who manages the digital and social media for regional magazine Carolina Parent ( “When I created this guide, I didn’t want money to be a barrier to creating a successful author sales and marketing strategy. People seem to be afraid of this idea of ‘paying what you want’ or ‘what you can,’ but, really, we don’t mind if you edit the price. We actually want you to pay what you want.”

The guide is short, about 30 dedicated pages of actionable steps and strategies that cover creating and optimizing a sales page, writing a press release and social media marketing, but the content will give authors plenty of ideas on ways to reach, convince and connect with more potential readers.

But authors should act fast if they want to pay what they can for the guide, because effective December 1, 2011, the guide will only be offered for $2.99.

“We’re taking the guide to a new platform, one that enables us to help more authors and reach more people,” says Jones. “Unfortunately this platform doesn’t allow us to offer the pay-what-you-can pricing. But authors should be encouraged, because on December 1, we’ll have a new pay-what-you-can product for them. A BIGGER product – that’s been loads of fun to create.”

Creativity Loft’s consulting services start at $250/month so they aim to offer affordable self-paced products for companies and individuals who may not be ready to make that type of monetary commitment.

“My focus is creative and conscious brands,” Jones says. “Whether it be an author who writes stories about love and relationships, a magazine that helps North Carolina parents or an eco-friendly crafter – those are my people. Naturally, there’s no one-size-fits all budget for my niche, so my goal is to always offer something for people in my audience who aren’t quite ready to hire an agency.”

“Minions, Mind Worms & Mind-Control Rays: An Author’s Mini Guide to Marketing, PR & World Domination” also features bonus inspirational and kick-in-the pants content written by Jones aimed to get authors, and other creative and conscious brands off their butts and acting.

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Creativity Loft is a full-service agency, providing branding, marketing and public relations services for creative and conscious individuals and companies. Creativity Loft’s specialty is digital media innovation services, that and providing clients with honest tell-it-like-it-is advice for their brands and lives. They believe life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so they are actively working to end comfort zones.