December 4, 2011: North Carolina Consulting Company Hosts a Branding Bootcamp for Writers Looking to Build Supplemental Income

News Release: North Carolina Consulting Company Hosts a Branding Bootcamp for Writers Looking to Build Supplemental Income

Durham, NC — North Carolina web-based consulting company Creativity Loft,, is helping writers fight back against this economy with their second annual online Author Branding Bootcamp on December 7.

“The bootcamp is titled the Best-Seller Author Brand Bootcamp,” says Creativity Loft Director Tivi Jones. “The goal is to give authors a concrete overview of branding and brand strategy in order to help them build profitable writing careers…and to do it with humor and fun.”

Of Creativity Loft’s 2010 author branding bootcamp, New York Times Best-Selling author CJ Lyons says “Tivi’s energy and enthusiasm is the perfect kick in the pants you need to spark your business into high gear!”

This year’s 4-week Best-Seller Author Brand Bootcamp has a suggested price of $40, but Creativity Loft, is allowing authors to pay what they want for the class with a $10 minimum. The class lessons are delivered in a variety of formats including, ebook, audio or video.

“I wanted the information to be very clear,” Jones says. “Certain lessons require video tutorials, while some can be delivered as text. Others are audio. The goal is not to just present authors with a bunch of information and then say ‘Here. Figure this out.’ No, I want to deliver [the information] in easy-to-digest formats and in a way that inspires [authors] to act. Action is the ultimate goal.”

The Best-Seller Author Brand Bootcamp officially launches on December 7 and the content is self-paced, built to fit anyone’s schedule, even if they sign up late.

“Authors, or potential authors, can register with the pay-what-you-can pricing until December 15,” says Jones. “After that the content will be offered for the full price of $40, but don’t worry, we have other great affordable products for authors, bloggers, crafters and other creative people in the works for the new year.”

More information about the Best-Seller Author Brand Bootcamp can be found at:

Creativity Loft is a full-service marketing agency, providing branding, marketing and public relations services for creative and conscious individuals and companies. Creativity Loft’s specialty is digital media innovation services, that and providing clients with honest tell-it-like-it-is advice for their brands and lives. They believe life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so they are actively working to end comfort zones.

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