I had the honor of meeting sexy paranormal romance author Andris Bear a few years ago.

Yes, I do mean she is sexy and has a paranormal ability to find the coolest things to tweet about everyday – follow her at @AndrisBear.

Andris is a spitfire, mom, author and fellow Moning-maniac (Just bought ICED today BTW) who I’d mug for her cheekbones.

Today Andris talks about her superwoman abilities (and costume), how sleep helps her creativity (which I COMPLETELY agree with – Andris, stop giving away secret weapons) and finding inspiration.

Hit it, doll!


Andris BearQ: What do you do?

A: Well, my personal take on what I do is that I’m Superwoman, but the hubs gets real twitchy when I wear my cape and tights out and about. So I guess I’ll go with Mom, Wife, Writer of dark and snarky paranormal romance, Launderer (clothes, not money. Bummer.), Dish washer, Sweeper queen, Unwilling field trip chaperone, and Tooth Fairy.

Q: How do you conquer fear?

A: Fear is a big part of writing. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of wanting something so desperately, you can’t even bring yourself to reach for it. Unfortunately, the only way past fear is through it. If you try to skirt around, it’ll simply follow you home like a bad date. Face it. Annihilate it. Or let it annihilate you–there’s no shame in that. But do not shy away from it. Then move on, knowing even if the same fear rears its ugly head again, it ain’t no thang. You got this.

Q: What’s your no-fail recipe for tapping into creativity?

Oh, I’ve got a secret for you. You want to know how I get all creative?

You sure?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

I sleep. Swear to your mama. I’m an over thinker; a dweller, if you will. And a worry wart. Both of which are powerful creativity killers. Busying myself with other tasks does nothing because I’m still in control of those pesky thoughts. Sleep forces me to hand over the reigns. It might take a day or a week, but every plot or character issue I’ve run into has been bested by letting my unconscious brain work out the kinks.

Q: Who inspires you to do what you do? Who encourages you?:

A: When I think of inspiration, Nick Vujicic is the first thing to pop into my mind.

If you don’t know who he is, look him up. Now. He was born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, meaning he was born without all four limbs. And he is beyond amazing.

If he can fight for his dreams, there is no one with a worthy excuse.

angel-unborn-author-quote-copy-andris bearQ: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My mom is full of wise words (Shhh. Do NOT tell her I said that). After facing many rejections, I was on the verge of giving up this writing gig. Naturally, the evil woman pulled a reverse psychology lesson on me. She said I might as well because by not fighting for what I wanted, I was telling myself the very thing I feared from others–that I wasn’t good enough. Accept rejection from no one–least of all yourself.

Q: Any current or upcoming projects or releases people should know about?

My first paranormal romance, Angel Unborn, is available now, and I plan to release a novelette from the hero’s point of view in the next few weeks.

Before I go, thank you, Tivi, for letting me join you today! I always love to read your motivational words of wisdom!


Andris, darling, you rock my world!