Press and praise

Quotes, tweets and general loveliness about Creativity Loft and Curator Tivi Jones


“Tivi’s energy and enthusiasm is the perfect kick in the pants you need to spark your business into high gear!”

~CJ Lyons, New York Times Bestseller and Author of “Rock Bottom” with Erin Brokovich

“I am in awe of Tivi Jones. Her knowledge and expertise helped make our annual workshop the best in our organization’s history. She knew exactly what we needed to do to make our event a success and helped us achieve all of our goals.”

Jodie Pearson, former HCRW RWA Chapter president


“Tivi is a smart bitch, that’s all there is to it. Her no-nonsense advice is spot on and can motivate even the laziest among us to get off our asses and market our books effectively.”

-Branding class student


“Creativity Loft gave me the kick in the pants I needed to grab my brand by the ears and take a good look at it. It was hard to catch, but I’ve got it now! Thanks for the inspiration”

Author Miranda Baker


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