I’m launching something new in 2012.

It’s called “project fearless” or #projectfearless on Twitter.

I’m literally getting emotional just typing about it, because it’s a project that’s been on my heart for a long time, but I just didn’t really know what it was.

I know now.

I have a passion for inspiring others. I have a love for trying to make this world more creative, more beautiful and blissful. I want to help people achieve abundant lives that they support via their own loves and passions.

Passion, purpose, profit. And conquering fear.

That’s what I want.

Helping, inspiring, creating and blissfully making a living. Despite fear.

That is what turns me on.

What would you do if you were more fearless?

Would you love more?

Earn more?

Live more?

Laugh more?

Dream more? Dream bigger? Dream better?

I want to hear from you guys.

I want to hear your stories of fearlessness. In business and in life.

I want to hear of times when you conquered fear. And times when you were conquered by fear and what you learned from the experience.

Maybe you beat or are fighting cancer. Maybe you lost a child and pushed through fear to try again. Maybe you left a bad relationship. Maybe you saved a good one. Maybe you went back to school later in life. Maybe you are a night and weekend entrepreneur supporting your children and parents.

I want to hear what you would do, how you would change and how you would make this world better if you were more fearless.

And I want to know of fearless men, women, children, teenagers, charities and organizations that you support and love.

I’m asking a lot, I know, but I really do hope you will share your stories and share this with the fearless people you know.

I ask that you email me your stories (up to 750 words) and suggestions at fearless [ a ] creativityloft [ d ] com with the subject “project fearless.”

More details about project fearless coming soon.

2011 is almost over. Let’s fearlessly prepare for 2012.

@TiviJones for @CreativityLoft