A lot of people say “segmentation is the key to engaging with your audience.” Hell, I almost started this very post with something along those lines. Then I thought: but what does that actually mean for people? And how do they implement that into the work they do?

Thankfully, I read an article recently from Mailchimp that gives some pretty boss actionable tips on executing email list segmentation for e-commerce businesses. These tips are pretty simple, but very impactful for results. I also just discovered that Mailchimp offers several pre-built segments for you when you connect your e-commerce store to your Mailchimp account, including segments that target potential, first-time, recent, lapsed and loyal customers.

Here’s a highlight from the blog post:

Target lapsed customers

A lapsed customer is someone who’s had prior interest in your business and products, but hasn’t made a purchase in a while. Give them a gentle nudge back to your store by sending a customer re-engagement automation to the Lapsed Customers pre-built segment. Here’s how that series might look for your business:

  • Email #1: Tell your customers that you miss them, showcase your best sellers, or introduce them to some of your newest arrivals.
  • Email #2: Add a promo code content block to your emails and offer a discount to returning customers.
  • Email #3: Make one last push to bring the customers back to your store—with an even bigger discount.

Even if you don’t have an online store, these same concepts can be applied to your content or services based on visits to your website. Or you can use these same techniques to re-engage people on your email list. For example:

  • segment your email list based on people who haven’t opened one of your emails in 6-months.
  • Then send a targeted email to that segment asking each person if they still want to be on your list. Give them a 2- to 3-option question re what they want to hear about from you.
  • Automatically append their responses to their accounts so that you can segment them based on that information later.

This will allow you to speak more directly to them and give each person the valuable information they requested.

If you don’t hear from them, delete them from your list. If someone hasn’t opened one of your emails in 6-months or more, they aren’t your audience. And keeping them is just like keeping old, ratty, split-ended hair just because it’s long. Let it go, girl.

To discover a few more Mailchimp recommendations for targeting different e-commerce segments on your list, check out this recent blog by Brandon K with Mailchimp: “3 Essential Pre-Built Segments for Your E-Commerce Business