I’ve been thinking a lot about mobile engagement and how to improve mobile engagement for myself and the brands I work with in 2018. I ran across an article on DMNews where they featured Marissa Aydlett, SVP of Marketing at Braze (formerly Appboy), who gave some pretty interesting tips for creating bomb user experiences on mobile. A few of my favorite highlights below:

Run experiments to enhance engagement.

Experiment to enhance

Finding the right strategy doesn’t happen overnight. And as consumer habits change (which they often do) it’s important for marketing teams to test, measure and tweak their processes to keep up with the needs of consumers.

“You can be testing a variety of different variants,” Aydlett said. “What’s the right message, what’s your control, and how do you optimize for that right message and continue to be able to be creative?”

In the end, crafting an optimal user experience comes down to one core principle:

“It’s making the conversation more authentic, and creating better experiences,” Aydlett said.

Remember my #RecentRead about segmentation? Well, the same principles apply when it comes to mobile experiences. Websites shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all experiences. Depending on how people come to your site, what device they are using and their relationship with you, you should offer a unique experience for them. Mobile devices are highly personal and core to each human being. How can you play on those emotions by delivering highly personal and core experiences for them via mobile?

Trust me, this is a vexing problem that requires time and resources to work out within each niche. Don’t worry, yet, if you haven’t quite solved it.

Perhaps the most powerful concept – to me – when it comes to mobile engagement is the need/ability/REQUIREMENT to create a habit of engagement around your brand on mobile. Marie Forleo had a GREAT segment in her recent MarieTV live call-in show about how social media apps are designed to be addictive. (The Marie Forleo video is embedded below to start at the moment she talks about it, but the WHOLE video is definitely worth a watch). Why do you think Facebook is so powerful? It’s designed to make you want to engage with it often.

While this is scary and annoying and distracting, it’s also a tactic you can use for your own business. How can you create a habit culture around your brand via mobile? And you don’t have to be an app developer to make this happen. There are so many simple ways you can create a culture of engagement around your brand. DMNews suggests:

For example, perhaps a consumer knows they’ll receive your newsletters at a set time every week, or they’ll receive a push notification when new offers or app updates are available. When customers become comfortable with cadence, regular brand interactions are more likely to become part of their day-to-day.

There are some other great tips in the article. Read the full thing here: 6 Tips For Mobile Engagement That Sticks