Parental discretion is advised.

If you’re a creative business owner or a new business owner, you may be put off by the idea of “selling” people your products or services.

I have two words for you, if you’re afraid or intimidated by this idea:

Don’t. Be.

What are your hangups about actively “selling” to people?

I’ll share some of mine and then tell you what I tell myself when I start feeling this way. Seriously. This is what I say to myself – with a few more colorful words thrown in.

Will I annoy people or seem pushy?

Do you think what you are sending out sounds pushy or annoying or is this belief based in a place of fear and self-doubt?

Stop being a wuss. If you annoy people they’ll just stop listening to or reading your promotions. They have an unsubscribe option for a reason.

What if people aren’t interested in what I have to sell?

Are you kidding me? If you’re selling to people who follow you on Twitter, like you on Facebook or are on your email newsletter list, those people have pre-qualified themselves to be interested in what you have to say. Again, stop being a wuss, woman!

How do I sell my products?

You try. You put together your world-domination speech (like I outlined in Minions, Mind Worms and Mind-Control Rays).

Who you are? Why should people buy from you? What you’re selling? Why they should trust that you’ll deliver an awesome product?

Will people stop liking me if I try to actively sell them my stuff?

Seriously? When you get 5 emails from Victoria’s Secret every week about their new lacy little thing, do you say “You know what? I don’t LIKE Victoria’s Secret anymore!”? When you get a message from entrepreneurs you follow or authors you like about their newest product or book release, do you say, “That damn [insert name here] I get so sick of them trying to sell me stuff!”? And if you do, it’s probably because you get things too much from people. There is a limit. There’s a selling threshold. Trust yourself. You know how much your audience can take.

“Sell” is not a bad word. Neither is “marketing” for that matter.

What is business without selling? Without the exchange of one thing of value for another?

Selling is not synonymous with spamming.

If you’re not selling things in your “business,” what are you doing?

Get out there and go sell!

But sell with passion and purpose and the desire to HELP your audience.

Sell. Sell. Sell.